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Are you looking for the best insurance claims management company in the UK? Couldn’t find reliable insurance claim solicitors? Vintage Claims Management Group provides the best solicitors for claiming any claim in the UK. Our experts can help you get the maximum compensation for your claim.

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We provide top notch expertise for all types of claims.

  • Housing Disrepair Claim
  • Recovery
  • Credit Hire
  • Repairs
  • Personal Injury
  • Storage

We specialize in Claims such as Credit Hire and Housing Disrepair Claims to Personal Injury Claims, our team will ensure that your Claim is managed with the highest levels of care and support.


Our friendly and compassionate team can handle any claim efficiently with a personal touch. So, you can be tension free and get the desired outcome.


Looking for the most reliable claim management company in the UK? Here you are at the right spot. We have a strong network of solicitors who can handle your claim as efficiently as possible.


We provide claim management services to secure the maximum compensation for your claims. Our services include personal injury claims to housing disrepair claims.

Insurance Claims Management Services

Being the best insurance claims management services provider in the UK. We offer various services to our users. Our services are as follows:


We provide the best services for housing disrepair claims compensation. You can contact us now and get maximum compensation.


We provide the most reliable services for personal injury claims compensation. Contact us today and get the compensation you deserve.


Are you involved in a no-fault accident? Need a courtesy car? You can contact us for the credit hire compensation claim now.


Are you looking for reliable services for car accident repair claims compensation? We are the best claims compensation provider in the UK.


Are you looking for secure car storage near me in London? You can contact us for the storage of classic, luxury, and sports cars.


We are the best service provider whenever you are looking for a car accident recovery service in the UK. Contact us now to get the service.



 We have over a decade of experience exclusively handling Credit Hire, Personal Injury, and Housing Disrepair claims, so you can be confident that you’re in good hands. 


Our clients no need to be worried about the excessive consultation fees because our experts team offers free consultation for all type of claims.


Our experienced solicitors handle thousands of claims yearly with our No Win No Fee commitment. You can rest assured that there’ll be nothing to pay upfront with no financial risk if your claim is unsuccessful.


We provide nationwide services 24/7 for our clients as reliable partners. So, no matter what time of day. We are always accessible to our clients.

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  • How do I make a housing disrepair claim? What is the process?

    Before taking any legal action, Report the damages to your landlord and give them a reasonable time to complete the repairs. If your landlord doesn’t take any action then gather all the information to support your claim. This information could include letters, emails and texts which shows that you have reported the damages to your landlord, pictures of the damages, any receipt which shows you have done the repairs by your own. Also any medical report explaining how your health has been affected or any report from your council’s environmental health department.

    After gathering all the information consult with law firm or any claim management company to take legal action against your landlord on your behalf.

  • Will making a claim effect my tenancy agreement?

    No, according to section 11 of housing act your tenancy is fully protected by the law. So, your tenancy will not be effected.

  • How much compensation I'm entitled for?

    The compensation owed to you is calculated by the establishing your first complaint made regarding the disrepairs and then estimating what work needs to be completed at your property. This period is called liability period.

    We then check how much rent you have paid to your landlord during your tenancy agreement. A percentage of this is deducted based on how many living spaces in your property are affected by the disrepair.

    You are also entitled for additional compensation for special damages”, which include items, furniture, decorations, and possessions which have become damaged due to the disrepair. If you have suffered loss of earnings due to the disrepair, or if your utility bills have increased due to the disrepair, this can also be claimed for as part of your special damages.

  • Can I be evicted for starting a housing disrepair claim?

    Your Council or Housing Association cannot evict you for commencing a Housing Disrepair Claim.

    They can, however, counterclaim against you if you have high rent arrears or have breached the terms of your tenancy agreement (such as with nuisance behavior, drug abuse, or making modifications to your property without first receiving consent, etc.). For this reason, we do not accept tenants with high rent arrears or those who have breached the terms of their tenancy agreement.

    As part of your tenancy agreement, your Council or Housing Association are required to keep your property up to legal standards of repair.

  • How to claim for personal injury compensation?

    Whatever the type of accident you have, you must have the information of the party which is either partially for fully to blame. Then you should contact an injury solicitor or claims management company to act on your behalf to start a legal action for your injury compensation.

  • How long my Personal injury claims may take?

    Personal injury claims usually take 1-9 months depending on the liability status. If the liability is accepted by the faulty party at the start of the claim then it would be sorted out within 1-3 months. Some cases like medical negligence or serious injuries may take 18 months to even 2-3 years to settle.

  • What is a No Win No Fee agreement?

    A No Win No Fee agreement is a legal agreement between you and your injury solicitor. This agreement states that if your case is unsuccessful then your solicitor won’t charge any money from you.

  • What to do after a non fault car accident?

    Contact emergency service, ensure everyone is safe. Take pictures of vehicles involved in the accident. Exchange contact and insurance details with all the parties involved in the accident. Report the incident to your insurance company.

  • What details need to be exchanged after a road accident?

    Exchange all possible details required to make a claim against the faulty party. Those details could include contact information, damages pictures of all the vehicles involved in the accident, insurance details.

  • Do i have to report my car accident to my insurance?

    Yes, we pay high insurance premiums to the insurance companies. So, It is their responsibility to take care of all the losses occurred due to the accident. After reporting the incident to your insurance company, they will act on your behalf to settle your claim with third party insurance company.

  • Will a non fault accident increase my insurance premium?

    Yes, it could be even if you are not at fault. This is because your insurance provider may decide that the reason for the claim is more likely to happen again, even though it wasn’t your fault. However, if your insurance does charge you for premium for a non fault accident you will need evidence showing that you were not at fault for the accident. Contact your insurance company to find out further details. Contact your insurance company for clarity.

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