Broken Windows and Doors Claim

Are you looking for a solicitor who can help you claim compensation? Is your housing association disregarding repairs for the broken and rotten windows? Is your council house door damaged and in need of repair?

Then look no more and call Vintage Claims immediately for the claim compensation you need. Vintage claims can help you complete the need of a claims solicitor by helping you file a claim compensation for yourselves. We help you get the required refurbishment you need so you can fix the safety hazards present in your council house.

Why Broken Windows and Doors are a problem?

If you are living in a rental property, then windows and doors are an integral part of your daily use routine. With windows, the ventilation of air is needed in areas where you can enjoy the breeze of fresh air. The doors assist you in closing and opening the flow of air as well as heat pressure so that the house keeps warm and fresh.

However, in conditions like broken windows with moisture seeping and mould building up, it’s possible to get airborne diseases that can cause respiratory problems for you and your loved ones. A broken door also signs a red flag for security breaches and personal space.

Having a rental property with these types of problems is harmful to daily enjoyment, as it can prevent you from getting full experience out of your rental accommodation. If you are having problems continuously, you can look towards making a claim for compensation for yourself.

Is living in a rental property dangerous?

Living in a damaged rental property can be detrimental to your health and your loved ones. You can experience great discomfort in living in a house that is damaged and experiencing mould growth alongside other sanitary problems.

You must also look out for any bad spots that are around the windows. Damaged windows can make the airflow hazardous to inhale while also making everything in the houses attached with fungi decomposing the housing material.

Looking to claim for yourself when you are having problems like this? Are you having problems on behalf of the housing association’s negligence? Vintage Claim offers complete claim case management for your compensation needs. Contact us today to learn more about your rights.

Who is responsible for the damage in a tenant’s house?

A tenant’s house and its duty of care are shared between the tenant living in the rented accommodation and the housing association owning the property premise. For any kind of damage to windows, doors, ceilings, corners and metal frames, it’s the responsibility of the council house to fix the damage.

However, a tenant also must ensure that any type of claim they make is not fault of their own, otherwise, the damage is the tenant’s responsibility and they must do repairs on their own. If the damage caused any structural or door damage, they must also cover it themselves.

If you are partially responsible for the damage in the council house due to unforeseen negligence, you can contact Vintage Claims to know if you are still eligible for the claim case. Make sure you have the right information to start a compensation claim.

How do your rights affect the claim?

Both parties have the right to present rebuttals and ample evidence to strengthen their sides. However, only one party can be declared half or completely at fault for the damage. Correcting the evidence, backing it with testimonies and using the law’s rights to claim is the way to go.

Certain rights in the Landlord and the Tenant Act allow for both the living tenant in the council house and the housing association authority to have a balanced workaround with their claim cases. Differences in rights can occur but mostly you should be able to claim for negligence.

Want to know more about the specifics of claiming compensation for yourself? Our team of professional solicitors can help you get the right amount of compensation entitlement. We make sure your claim case is as smooth as it can be.

Faulty Windows and Broken Door Fittings

Whether you have noticed the slight draught on your front, back or main door with issues such as rusting, broken locks, mould or even termites that can slowly wither away your wooden hardware from inside if no such necessary repairs are made.

Your housing association has the harsh duty of care owed to you to have the house repaired at once following the first report of the damage. They must make sure that anything affecting your well-being as well as things that are a minor inconvenience is resolved quickly and steadily.

At first, things like these may be small and you might even not pay attention to these problems, but over time they can greatly impact your daily performance as you deal with them wasting time and resources on something that could have been repaired by your council house long ago.

Our claim cases have examples of people forgetting their rights in a compromised council house. The laws allows them to claim any damage that is affecting them directly or for which they have to cover the costs daily because the council house refuses to do so.

Legal firms stand for the people who are in these exact scenarios as our team allows people suffering to get back on track covering their costs. Vintage Claims takes pride in having delivered excellent experience for the council house families in need, taking care of their claim cases with absolute proficiency.

Do you want to make a claim case for yourselves too? Don’t know where to start properly? Our claim solicitors will guide you completely to have your claim completed. We will make sure that you get the entitlement you deserve.

Whether you’ve noticed a slight draught or you find your front door won’t lock properly, damage to your windows and doors may seem like a fairly minor inconvenience but can ultimately end up posing a considerable safety hazard and potentially making your home uninhabitable – consequently, it is up to your landlord to make sure your windows and doors remain in good condition.

As with many housing disrepair issues, the responsibility for repairing damaged windows and doors is often decided by what has caused the damage. For instance, if a door or window frame has become rotten over time due to consistent neglect on the part of the landlord, then they are responsible for fixing it.

If the problem has been caused by the neglect of the tenant, such as smashing a window, then they will usually need to pay for repairs. Aside from the obvious safety concerns, damaged windows and doors can often lead to other issues such as damp, mould or pest infestations, so even seemingly minor damage must be dealt with sooner rather than later.

How can I get hurt from Broken Windows?

Broken, mouldy windows can damage your house’s well-being, your family and your child running around the house. Broken shards can make the ground unsafe for walking and the windows may provide an escape window for pests and vermin.

Any broken pieces of glass can be sharp and may induce major damage to the skin and other parts of the body. If you step on one of them, it may contain many pathogens which can enter your body through the cut of the body. Hazards such as fungal infections or tetanus can be bad for your body’s health.

The flooring can also get splinting and may cause cuts at a later date, with hidden shards of glass too small to be seen by the naked eye causing bleeding on your skin or foot. It’s important that in case of glass shard contact, you can experience long-term pains.

However, If someone does end up standing on the broken glass, you must get a checkup to have a specialist remove it immediately. Make sure that the corner glass in the windows is safe and that no amount of broken glass is left on the floor. Tell your housing association about the present hole and have them compensate for the broken window.

Looking to claim a broken window part? Our claim solicitors will ensure that your window is repaired free of cost to you, by claiming directly from the at-fault party.

How a Damaged Door can be a nuisance?

Having a damaged door can compromise your safety and might make your daily tasks troublesome to handle. Doors are an essential part of council housing homes. They provide you comfort, security and much-needed privacy for work and daily activities.

A broken and compromised door can be the start of a big recurring trouble because of someone’s negligence in maintaining the order of door health. Repairs are mandatory and should be done so firmly. Our claim cases usually have issues such as the housing association not doing the required repairs causing it to decay over time.

Decaying wooden doors may also carry the risk of termites. Termites are insects that usually fester in wooden furniture and may cause infections carrying dangerous bacteria directly to the wound. They might also attach to your personal belongings and decompose them.

All risk hazards should be counted and taken note of so the housing association can repair them effectively, otherwise the property cannot be enjoyed by the tenant easily. Each council house must repair any broken or loose doors, windows that are covered with mould or have cracks and any possible fittings that might be damaged over time.

If the housing association is continuously ignoring your wants and making your home unsafe for habitation, call Vintage Claims today to let them guide you towards a successful claim.

Suing Housing Association for Broken Windows and Doors

Our services allow you to sue and claim for the damages caused by the negligence of a housing association. Whenever you want to make a claim against them or to get the representation you seek, Vintage Claim will stand firm with you and help you get what you deserve.

Vintage Claim solicitors will take on your case, ligate against the at-fault party and get you the entitlement you deserve. We gather ample evidence, and strong testimonies and support your claim till its conclusion. We help you out in a pinch and make sure there’s no loose end left.

We aim to bring back the smiles of the families that suffered carelessness and loss due to the council house’s mismanagement. You won’t have to worry about the pending repairs as we will get your compensation along with getting your rental house repaired to its livable condition.

No-Win, No-Fee Claim – Our True Basis

Most of our clam handlers are working on a Contingency Fee Basis – or No-Win, No-Fee Claim. Our solicitors allow you to ligate against the at-fault party without any additional costs coming from the legal fees. Normally, we get the costs by claim from their insurance party.

All of the expenses are calculated and deducted only if we win your case. If we lose, you are not obligated to pay a penny to us, effectively allowing you to negate any extra costs. Our success fees are capped by UK laws and we only take a certain percentage of the awarded compensation

Still, wondering if you are eligible for a claim or not? Our special solicitors will help you get the required settlement within 6-8 months (depending on the complexity of the case). We take great pride in even accepting the cases that many legal firms deny.

Eligiblity for broken door and window compensation claim

If you have been involved in a broken window shards claim and looking to get compensation, out team can gather the required evidence to make a successful claim. The amount of compensation may depend on the severity of the loss as well as the eligibility of it. You can claim for other housing disrepairs too such as:

  • Damp Claim
  • Mould Claim
  • Leakage Claim
  • Pest Infestation Claim
  • Structural Issues Claim

Windows and Doors damaged due to Rain

The sweeping rain can strike windows and sometimes leaking roof can cause doors to become dampened. Over time, the doors can exhibit tearing and decaying signs while windows may get mould over the frame, making it harder to open them daily.

Usually, the amount of rain damage on the windows, doors and fittings is not that much but if the continued negligence from the housing association lingers, it may become more than just a little nuance.

If you are having problems relating to dampness in windows and doors, give a quick call to Vintage Claims and we will let you get compensation as soon as possible.


Windows and Doors damaged due to Hail and Wind

Any windows and doors that were damaged due to hail can also be a pressing issue. Hails and thunderstorms can be a leading risk for windows and doors while rising precipitation or sweeping moisture in the council house can lead to fungal and bacterial rise.

Broken windows and compromised doors also allow for fleas, vermin and pests to multiply rapidly, especially in damp conditions. Therefore, it’s essential for your housing association to not only address rain conditions but hail and fast wind damage too.

In case of a window breakout from really fast winds, the housing association must immediately make sure that the safety measures are not compromised. The structural integrity should also be maintained for upcoming rain, hall or fast wind periods.


Tenancy Agreement Conditions Relating to Broken Windows

Some tenancy agreement conditions might not outright list the need for the repair of broken windows and doors. If however, your council house specifically mentions the need to have you pay for any repair expense, then you must review the agreement conditions thoroughly.

In a chance you signed the conditions and expected the housing association to do the repairs but it was your responsibility, then there might be a chance that your claim can get voided. Still, it’s the council housing’s responsibility to ensure that the doors, windows or other things are repaired even before the house is given for rent accommodation.

They have no right to force you to repair the council house yourself, it’s their property premise before the tenancy agreement and they should make it habitable before they give the keys to you. In that case, you can claim based on the old duty of care given to you.

Compensation amounts and responsibilities may be wary in these types of cases, as it could be either complete fault, partial or no fault at all. Different complexities may cloud the case’s outcome even more, hence why it’s recommended you get the required legal guidance on your behalf.

It’s not just compensation we help with

Complete support

We'll have your home repiered in no-time without additional expenses.

Financial support

On a no-win,no-fee basis, we'll provide an early compensation.

No more hassle

We take care of your everything you need in a broken window claim.

How does Vintage Claim proceed with its claim?

When a broken window and damaged door claim is reported to us, we come in contact with the victim’s family and help them with the claim compensation. We guide them thoroughly through the legal process and explain to them their standing and their rights along with options.

Once they are ready to file a claim with us, our team will look to claim with them and first quantify the amount of losses as well as the entitlement they deserve. Then we will assign the case to a dedicated solicitor who will take care of the case.

Our priorities will shift towards claiming the housing association. Firstly we will send an official letter of claim outlining the losses, suffering and claim compensation the client wishes to cover the expenses with. The letter will usually take around 21-28 days for a proper response.

In case the housing association agrees, we will set up a meeting at a designated time and place to negotiate on your behalf. Our team and solicitors will finalise the claim amount as well as show ample evidence to back their claim. The amount of settlement usually gets decided right here and most of the cases end at this stage.

You will be awarded immediate compensation according to your satisfaction and we will take a percentage of the winning amount as per the contingency fee agreement. However, if we don’t win the case, due to a No-Win, No-Fee basis you are not required to pay or cover anything extra out of your own pocket.

If they do however refuse the liability, our team will look to have your claim be represented in front of a jury or judge. They will ensure that your case is justified with the right amount of compensation and will penalise the housing association responsible for the negligence. Our firm will also be awarded an extra success and we will make sure that your claim compensation is the amount you seek after.

Broken Windows and Doors Claim

Getting the right solicitor

For any type of broken, rotten windows or doors claim compensation, you can be eligible if you work with the right solicitor and get the right amount of compensation. You must provide proof of the damage containing photos, testimonies and other past evidence.

If any old repairs were faulty or not adequate, you must also show records of such evidence, which can take more than just one person’s work. Our solicitors will obtain all of this for you, so you can claim compensation without any compromise.


  • What should I do if my window breaks?

    Firstly, call Vintage Claims, take pictures and immediatly look towards to start a claim. You must let your housing association know about the damage and let them in about any costs or expenses related to the accident.

    Then afterwards we will start the ligation process and you’ll be ready to claim for yourselves. Start your legal venture by claiming with us today.

  • Will my insurance cover a broken window?

    It depends on your policy. Most tenant insurance policies don’t cover the no-fault accidental damage, including broken windows. To avoid the risk of increasing the premiums, we consider you consult with our claim handler.

  • How long do I have to file a claim for a broken window?

    Usually you have around 3-6 years to make a claim for the broken window or door. You can start a claim against the housing association at any time during the timeframe.

    It’s best to file your claim as soon as possible to ensure prompt processing. Our Vintage Claim solicitors will do everything to let them claim on your behalf. Start your claim today with us!

  • Do I need to get a repair quantification before filing a claim?

    Before we send an official letter of claim, we will quantify the amount of losses, repair costs and any other suffering you got as a direct result of negligence. We will help you get the comepensation settlement you deserve.

  • What if the broken window was caused by a natural disaster, such as a storm?

    If the broken window was caused by a natural disaster, such as a storm, it’s important to document the damage and and let housing association know about the faulty damages from subpar repair. Reporting the incident to the council house and filing a claim will help you recompase for the damage.


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