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The Ultimate Guide for Filing a Successful Car Accident Insurance Claim

The Ultimate Guide for Filing a Successful Car Accident Insurance Claim

Car crashes can be shocking. The study entails that despite Great Britain’s roads being among the most regulated and safe highways, every day about 913 accidents happen, some of which can be severe enough that can cause serious deaths. Statistics make car accidents one of the most common ways of casualties across the UK.

If your family was involved in a car crash, it can be a traumatic and financially hard challenge to recover. In this guide, we shall cover the factors behind the accident and important things you must do after an accident.  

What is a Car accident anyway?

A car accident is a collision or damage that happens by moving or still object(s) striking a car. It can be anything that strikes a vehicle, a standing pole, a person, a car or a truck. A car collision entails one’s negligence in avoiding a car accident, which is the result of the driver not paying attention or not following the guidelines for auto roads.

Car accidents usually result in major repair bills, medical injuries, trauma and liability to cover. If the car accident was because of someone who was careless and recklessly hit you, you can recover the damages by simply claiming them. This is called an “auto accident insurance claim”

What is making an auto accident insurance claim?

Recovering the damages can be hard, but if you were involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you could claim against the at-fault’s liability insurance. Usually, people have general motorist coverage that helps them cover their vehicle damages. However, if you were hit by one such driver and they caused your car major damages, you can sue them for the refurbishment.

Why suing the responsible driver will help my car accident recovery?

In the case of an emergency, you may want to claim with your insurance right away, but maybe in a situation where it was not your fault for the accident, you have more options than just your insurance.

If you have relevant evidence, you can prove to the at-fault driver that they caused the damage and you may get compensation as a reward which helps you recover without straining your financial sources and having a burden on your income.

What to do after an auto car accident?

Immediately following the car accident, you must make sure that everyone involved is okay and safe. The zone must be cleared and you must converse with each involved party to get their insurance details.

Make sure that you leave a note with your insurance details and ask them for their address, number and name. Don’t apologize in the present scene and stay neutral as you can. Do not instigate a fight or make hassles against the at-fault parties, which may hurt your claim standing.

Get the testimonies from the witnesses and passersby. Check your dash cam footage later and take pictures of the incident scene, documenting every dent, injury, damage and loss. If the injuries are severe, call and seek medical attention immediately.

Report the accident to the police and have them file an accident report for you. Get your documents and organize them to prepare for the auto accident insurance claim.

Letting the insurance know

If you decide to let your insurance cover the car accident, if the excess amount is not payable by the at-fault party then claim with your insurance. Otherwise, we recommend you do not tell your insurance company until you have the right legal representation. 

If you decide to fight the case on a no-fault stance and tell your insurance company, either way, your premiums may go up.

Letting Vintage Claims know

You can tell our team at Vintage Claims Management and we will help you avoid the increase in premiums by directly working under an accident management company. They directly sue the at-fault driver’s insurance which allows you to get compensation without any insurance premiums.

Most of the accident coverage is done by the accident recovery companies who fight the cases for their clients on a complete No-Win, Fee basis. Their claims are free unless they win, so if you are looking for an affordable option to get at-fault compensation and looking to avoid spending anything extra, then Vintage Claims is the right choice for you.

Why is getting a car accident solicitor good for me?

In most cases, you may have to find a negotiator and legal representative who can communicate with insurance policies and their team. Having a recommended professional quantify your compensation and negotiate for it allows you to have more options and relaxations in recovering from the accident instead.

Legal representation helps avoid the large troubles of paperwork many insurance companies may present that can extend the time for your claim, making it unbearable to have a smooth recovery process for your family and loved ones.

Your financial strain is also lifted since the No-Win, Fee Condition allows most car accident victims to make a personal injury claim for their medical coverage. These costs are all directly litigated against the at-fault party, meaning you are not paying anything to have your car repaired.

How long will my auto insurance claim take?

It depends on the factors in the accident you got. Let’s say for example the accident was mild or not severe enough and there was only one party involved. As a result, the claim may likely take a few months to award you with compensation.

If you are looking for a courtesy car after an accident along with auto insurance coverage, it might also take time depending on the availability of the car model and make. However, if you were involved in a complex rear-end position or there are more than multiple parties involved, then you do have to wait for about a year or more depending on the complexity of the case involved.

We recommend you contact our friendly team for a more personal and friendly guide on how you can make a proper auto insurance claim for yourself. Our team will be happy to assist you with dedicated representatives who meditate on your behalf.

How can I contact Vintage Claims for my Car Accident Insurance Claim?

You can reach out to us by giving us a quick call at our number here. You can also fill out your claim submission with a quick message, as well as you can give us an email for instant and faster communication. 

Alternatively, we are also present at these addresses so you are always welcome to have a friendly chat with us face-to-face. Start your claim with us today.


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