Are you someone who has suffered a serious accident because of someone’s fault? Looking for an efficient and reliable way of getting your car accident repair claim? Vintage Claims and its team are a recommendation pick for many people who are looking to represent their no-fault claim. We help many of our clients and help them get back on the road as soon as possible.

A car accident is nevertheless a tragic experience. People in auto accidents must know that when you are hit by someone who was at clear fault for the damage, it’s possible to seek compensation rights. You can represent yourself for the expenses following the crash, including repair costs, temporary storage location and property damages. The amount of harm and severity of damage can boost your compensation by a lot.

If you decide to file a claim for your claim, then look for a dedicated car repair solicitor to handle your claim. We can fulfil that role by taking supervision of all obstacles and having vehicle repairs accomplished with the most profound calibre of standard.

We at Vintage Claims make sure that you can get your car repaired immediately after the incident. Call our team to know more about your claim today at a no-win, no-win fee cost for you. 

Accident Claim Repair Solicitor

If you were the innocent party in the ensuing accident, you are liable to follow a claim repair procedure and get a representative on your side. The accident claim repairs are insured by the at-fault’s party insurance, and the repairs get done at absolutely no cost to you. For people who have been through a tragic accident, accident claim repair solicitors make it easy for you to take action against the negligent party.

Insured Drivers and motorists aren’t the only ones that can be claimed for negligence. In the UK, automobile accident claims are issued to both insured at-fault individuals and companies, and even non-insurance holders can get claims for the damage they caused. Meaning you can have total control over every aspect of the repair process. Vintage Claims covers you in every way possible, whether it be quality repairs done, ensuring the expenses are free for everything, or giving you a replacement car from our extensive fleet in case you choose our effective and customizable credit hire claim.

Why make it hard for yourself? When you can get the appropriate amount of claim payout following the accident,. Vintage Claims aims to provide complete accident management recovery when your car is damaged in an unfortunate event.


Car accident insurance claim

If you are thinking about claiming from your insurance company first, then it’s something that can affect your no-bonus claim. Many insurance claims work on a safety hazard system, meaning the individuals who register for a claim will have their premiums increased each time they are in a car crash. The companies use it to prevent high insurer risk, meaning even in the case of a no-fault accident where you didn’t cause the damage, your premiums are still affected.

To avoid this, multiple car accident compensation seekers look for an alternative. Vintage Claims helps with the problem by making a claim and directly communicating with both your insurance & at-fault party’s insurer. We make it so your no-claims bonus is not affected by the auto car crash. Our team of professional solicitors will help you get the claim through a smooth process.

Vintage claims make your claim look easy. Our team expedites the process for people who are going through extreme hassles following a car accident. We take pride in helping those who want the right amount of compensation. Start your claim today to get what you deserve.


When I can make a Compensation car claim?

You can claim if the hitting driver or multiple parties were responsible for the collision damage. A compensation car claim regarding a single driver or at-fault party can involve you filing a claim against them. The solicitor will take over the case-building, evidence collection, and legal procedures.

They might alert you to the possible timeframes for making the best-case presentation. Solicitors make it easy on your behalf to get the right amount of compensation. Even if the individual responsible for the at-fault accident is someone like a bicyclist or even a pedestrian, we still fight for recompense on your behalf.

Claim seekers with multiple parties liable for the claim can experience some difficulties in determining solid proof about the at-fault blame. Vintage Claims aims to provide detailed and professional hand-picking advice for the issues you experience when filing a car accident claim. We take on the roles of advisor, management, repair overseer, and legal representative of your accident repair claim rights

Our team ensures your recovery process is as efficient and comfortable as possible. When we take the claim, you know it is in good hands.

When you claim from an Insurance Company

Having your claim handled by your own insurance company will result in low-grade parts and compromise your repair. It can damage the integrity of the warranty if they don’t use the parts approved by the manufacturer.

The likely perspective for the future is for your car problems to arise and leave you with constant claim coverage. That’s why Vintage Claims recommends you claim with their team instead. When you claim from your insurance, they do things like:

  • Compromise: The lack of key-featured repair parts can result in an overall poor quality of life.
  • Incompatibility: When they don’t use the required parts recommended, your car might have future issues and disrepair.
  • Rise Premiums: Following an accident, the most shocking change can be the sudden high premiums for your insurance. It is because of your recent accident history. You also lose your no-claim bonus.
  • Insurers Avoiding: The higher your accident history is, the more ignored your requests become over time.
  • Total Disregard of No-Fault Basis: Your insurance company doesn’t see the accident circumstances, even if you were completely at no- fault for the damage.

The possible disadvantages can lead you into a compromised position. If you want professional advice on how to proceed with your accident management, contact Vintage Claims immediately.

Whereas a Car Accident Solicitor will

Give you the free solution to have your claim directed by someone you can trust. The auto repair solicitor will get the insurance company from at-fault to give you recompense. Our team will help you with problems like negligence from parties and legal representation.

When we take over your claim, the solicitors shall point the liability at the at-fault’s premise and take the initiation in a fair settlement. Our team is the absolute best for any type of compensation claim. We work with our clients and provide complete:

  • Settlement: The team will negotiate on your behalf to get the right compensation claim.
  • Approved Grade Repairs: We work with selected garages that have approved repair parts, so your car quality remains the best.
  • No-Claims Bonus: When working with Vintage Claim solicitors, you can secure your no-claims bonus from being damaged. No unnecessary dealing with charged premiums.
  • No-Win, No-Fee: You won’t have to pay anything extra. We will take care of everything on a no-win,no-fee basis.
  • Your innocence is established. We will help you represent your claim by proving the blame of the other party. Your accident will be on a no-fault basis, and we will get your compensation.

Our solicitors enable you to have tools at your disposal. Having the right timing, advice, and representation helps you guarantee a smooth claim process. Get in touch with Vintage Claims to start your claim today

Car Compensation Calculation

Repair accident compensation is dependent on a variety of factors, including some that are based on the type of collision crash. When the compensation payout is determined, they are usually sought after in the negligence category and the damage inflicted.

Each accident is never the same; compensation cases are often varied, and each one has a different reason for the changed amount.

The factors that affect car accident compensation are:

  • Car crash severity.
  • Repairs and Storage costs.
  • Amount of loss in the incident.
  • Damage to personal belongings.
  • The intensity of at-fault negligence in driving.
  • External costs related to car features.

Any amount of refurbishment is likely to be affected by these factors. Many individuals don’t know the potential outcomes of their cases, and they often think hard before filing a claim. Our no-win, no-fee solicitors can help you fill out a claim for yourself.

Whether it be establishing the uncleared amount of at-fault negligence or providing for interim payments,. We make it so your time is spent best on recovery and with your loved ones, rather than the hurdles of legal burdens and obstacles.

How to prove the Car Accident wasn’t your fault

Evidence we will need 

Our team and solicitors communicate with both the witnesses present at the accident location and you. We ask for any reports that include:

  • At-fault driver details.
  • Your vehicle model and information.
  • Any photographic evidence.
  • Date, time, and description.
  • Damage done to the car.
  • Police reports, if possible.

Vintage Claims takes pride in returning people’s smiles to where they belong. Our team will take every inch of the issues presented by the car accident repair and make sure your repairs are of the finest quality.

Our process in handling car accident claim

When you are seeking compensation for the auto repair claim, our solicitors prove and establish a no-fault basis. We claim the repair costs and other related expenses at absolutely no cost to you. In filing a claim, we must determine the conditions for no-fault. We cooperate with our client and get proof by:


Organising and Presenting

Our team organized all the possible data and picked up clues on who was responsible for the car accident. We then provide the relevant details to our solicitors, and they start a claim against the hitting party’s insurance.

The claims solicitor will handle all the rest regarding the no-claim process and initiate communication with the at-fault party’s insurer. Our solicitors will describe the circumstances and the amount of the expense settlement for the repairs. They will ensure that the opposition is in check at all times.


Court Representation

If the at-fault party disputes liability or refuses the settlement arrangement, then we take serious legal action against the opposition. Our solicitors will represent your case in front of the judge and present the evidence surrounding the claim.

On a successful dispute rebuttal, your compensation is awarded for the expenses, and we take a small fee from the claim, limited by UK law. Your repairs will be ensured to have the best quality repairs and are manufacturer-approved. Rest assured, your no-claim bonus will be preserved too.

Benefits of hiring a car compensation claim solicitor

When hiring an automobile accident solicitor, you come across a comprehensive list of benefits, including more than enough you may ever need. So you are comfortable hiring us for your repair claim needs.

You can get it from us:

  • Professional Settlement Support: We maintain the best in-line team of legal experts in a way that ensures you can get the best out of your claim settlement. Our skilled legal team has expertise in negotiating skills, assessment of cases, and the best approach tactics.
  • Complete Evidence Organization: Our solicitors will make sure that your claim will counter the at-fault party’s liability. We will gather and present repair cost details, a damage report, personal belonging damages, and other relevant evidence.
  • Quality Repairs Handled: The repairs are done based on your selection of the garage. Our team will make sure you can get your car repaired without any compromise on stability or comfort.
  • Replacement Car Options: Our fleas are expanding every month, so by selecting our credit hire claim, you can get an easily comparable car at your doorstep. We help get you back on the driving side efficiently and effectively.

Your Relaxation Guaranteed: The team behind the solicitor will certify you won’t have to worry about anything. You can get much-needed relaxation, entitling your claim to a successful payout.

Why choose a Dedicated Car Repair Claims Solicitor?

Your specifics on whether you need a dedicated car repair solicitor can define your ability to handle a case. The legal landscape of the UK is hard to grasp. With many people not knowing their rights in a no-fault car accident, it’s easy to get confused and have doubts. A proper legal adviser can help in every situation, whether it be hard or a case that has difficult problems.

We recommend having our team represent your claim, as you leave the possible risk of claim compensation being denied. If the at-fault party has a strong basis for the dispute, the advice from the knowledgeable person will help you maintain the case’s basis. You can also get to know if you are eligible for a claim at all.

A case with a solicitor makes it easy for your repairs and costs to be compensated. Vintage Claims and their team work hard for your claim, so you won’t have to carry the burden alone. Affordability is what defines your financial impact; if you are going to file a claim on your own, then you are at further risk of losing funds.


Our team takes care of:

Accident Repairs:

Legal Workload:

  • Proper Documentation
  • Case Advice
  • Court Representation
  • Claim Compensation

Customer Representation:

  • Communicating with Clients
  • Effective Interaction
  • At-Fault Party Communication

Additional Work:

Using our car accident management services, you can avoid experiencing needless stress following an accident. For Vintage Claims to get a good foundation on your case, we suggest you reach out to us first, immediately after the accident.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, contact us immediately via email at, or if you prefer, call our representative directly, then call our number at (075)-2069-3242.

No-Win, No-Fee Car Accident Repair Claim

Without a no-win, no-fee car accident repair claim, your repairs can induce heavy cost burdens on your financial budget. Not only that, the insurance company that you claim with is also going to repair your damaged vehicle with subpar and non-manufactured parts. This results in future long-term problems and vehicle warranties becoming void.


Importance of a No-Win, No-Fee Claim:

A no-win, no-fee basis establishes a proper road to recovery following the accident. Our team will make sure you regain the joy of travelling or driving again, with your comfort assured. The agreement provides you and your loved ones with much-needed relief that you won’t be delaying the repairs.

When our team is working for a client, we first know the impact of dealing with the at-fault liability. For that reason, we go beyond the normal scope of an accident claims solicitor and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Can your car be written off as a “Total Loss”?

It is viable for a car to have value drop following its repairs. However, if repairs exceed or even outweigh the worth estimate in the market, then it can be defined as a “total loss.”. Once such a stance is taken, the amount of the market value will be given instead.

Several factors can affect the repair being overboarded against its purchase value. Damage to the car chassis, feature damage, and hidden components that are broken can result in high repair charges.

Our team will assess the amount it needs for the repairs; if the car is deemed a total loss, then we will provide the future steps you need to proceed with your car repair claim.


Is it worth reporting a no-fault accident against your insurer first?

When you are in a car accident and it is a proven fact that you had no actual fault, then it is a bad thing to claim against your insurer. Firstly, know that you shouldn’t haste with your decision. Know your rights and stand your ground.

Many of the terms provided by the insurers will make it clear that you have to tell them about the car accident. But it doesn’t mean you can’t claim against an at-fault party for their negligence. You can tell them about the accident once you start your claim.

The severity of the damage plays a major role in claiming against your insurance company. In the case of some minor damage and you decide to claim with them, it doesn’t make sense to pay high costs for mild repairs.

Avoid claiming with your insurance to keep the no-claims bonus intact. We at Vintage Claims avoid the companies and their practices to trap you in their claim trip. Connect with Vintage Claims today to have your claim in the right hands.

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Why choose Vintage Claims on Car Accident Repair Claims?

Legal Representation

We take great delight in winning matters that other law firms decline. By taking up your claim from another solicitor, our legal experts make it easy for you to to combat the at-fault party's claim. Contact Vintage claims today.

No-Win-No-Fee Basis

We never ever ask in unsual advance fees. We take care of all legal expenses on a No-Win, No-Fee Basis, and our team only get paid when your repairs are done. Claim with us, we will secure your claim bonus from any harm.

Work Done by Us

We understand how an accident can affect your financial position By covering all ranges and aspects regarding the quality, time of your car accident repair claim. We help you get recovery without any hurdles from the case.

Dealing with your car insurance following an accident

Getting in touch with your car insurance and having to deal with them can be tricky. If you have been in the dark about how to confront them with your accident information, then you should first take a deep breath. It is possible to make slight mistakes, which can result in an unwanted situation.


No-Fault Blame

Taking the blame in the heat of the moment or blaming the crashes might result in a negative outlook on your case’s standing. Firstly, recall the details of how you came into the compromising accident and whose fault it was by identifying the facts regarding the crash. By mistakingly admitting fault or intentionally blaming the other party for the car accident without concrete facts, your claim can have complications later.


Organizing Evidence

After the panic dies down, you must make sure that you have everyone’s contact information and address details noted. You should also give the required information if the at-fault party or police asks you, as these are later used for informational evidence and may result in penalties if you fail to do so. Search for or remember any present witnesses around the scene, and ask them for their testimonies.

For any contact details about the witnesses or observers, note them. You must get some photographic evidence if you have working electronic equipment such as a camera phone or any other device. We recommend taking pictures of the accident scene, inside the car, and visible car damage, as well as personal belongings being broken.

Having extra information on these things would help build your case.

  • The total list of comprehensive damage, including any items.
  • Notes or pictures regarding the make and model of the involved parties’ cars in the accident crash.
  • Possible injuries involved in the car accident.
  • The extent of repairs and expenses your car needs.
  • The location and time of the incident.

Talking to our claims handler

An alternative to contacting the insurance provider directly is to call Vintage Claims instead. Prepare for a call with our staff, as our hotline is open 24/7 for your assistance. We help in preparing the best route regarding your claim and help you get the desired compensation for your expenses.

You can provide us with any information you have come across; the more you have, the easier it becomes for us to start your claim quickly. Vintage Claims will keep you up-to-date with any changes in the process and allow you to support the claim’s approach towards success.

Our fast and reliable communication methods mean your worries are always listened to. We will make sure your repair claim is handled efficiently and steadily.

Vintage Claims takes care of your claim process

We educate our clients about the correct claim process and inform them about your claim. We repair your car for free and get the expenses from the at-fault party’s insurer. Our staff helps you in every way possible.

At Vintage Claims, we are ready to help you at any time to provide a comfortable zone for your claim process. We take over the total obstacle coverage and bumps of legal paperwork, while you can just relax at home.

MIB Car Accidents Repair Amount

Whiplash Tariff Without a psychological injury £4,215 The claimant has whiplash symptoms for a period of 18 to 24 months.
Whiplash Tariff With a psychological injury £4,345 In addition to whiplash, the claimant has a mild psychological impairment that will take 18 to 24 months to heal.
Leg Injury Less Serious (c)(i) £17,960 to £27,760 Fractures or severe soft tissue injuries that require further treatment, such as those that result in a limp or decreased range of motion.
Shoulder Injury Severe £19,200 to £48,030 Usually connected to brachial plexus-damaging neck injuries.
Back Injury Moderate (i) £27,760 to £38,780 Injuries include lumbar vertebral crush fractures, which increase the incidence of osteoarthritis and result in discomfort and ongoing pain.
Ankle Injury Severe £31,310 to £50,060 Damage to the ankles and surgeries using plates, screws, and pins. For an extended duration, the claimant will have required a plaster cast.
Leg Injury Very Serious (b) (ii) £54,830 to £87,890 There will be severe mobility issues as a result of these injuries. Crutches or other mobility assistance may be required for the duration of the claimant's life. This bracket also includes several fractures that have healed over a period of years.
Arm Injury Severe £96,160 to £130,930 Although the claimant's arm won't be severed in this situation, the results will still be the same.
Brain and Head Injury Very Severe £282,010 to £403,990 This category covers head and brain injuries, which will require full-time nursing care for the person.The victim won't react significantly—if at all—to what's going on around them.
Multiple Serious Injuries Plus Special Damages Extreme Up to £1,000,000+ Compensation for many serious injury traffic accidents may cover all of the following above, as well as any related specific damages, such as home care expenses.


  • How can I get the most money on my wrecked car?

    You can get the money for the wreckage by claiming liability against the at-fault party. By choosing to claim against the faulty party, you can get compensation for the recovery costs included.

  • How Long After A Car Accident Can I Claim

    You can typically claim for a car accident within three years of the incident occurring. However, it’s advisable to file your claim as soon as possible to ensure a smoother process and gather necessary evidence promptly.

  • Can I get my car repaired at any auto body shop after an accident?

    Yes, you can get your car repaired following an accident. Once we recover your car, our team will send an expert to your location to evaluate the damages while also providing you with secure car storage options.

  • Who Pays Personal Injury Claims Car Accident

    In most states, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. We at Vintage Claims Management Group can help you navigate the claims process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

    However, some states have no-fault insurance systems. Under no-fault, you file a claim with your own insurance company regardless of fault. We recommend checking your state’s insurance laws or contacting us for more information.

  • Can I recover from income I'll likely lose in the future?

    In the case you were damaged from an accident because of an at-fault party, you can receive compensation for the loss in amnesty and income. You can also claim for any other costs such as medical treatment and repair costs.


    Call our solicitors to know more about your rights in an accident.

  • What out-of-pocket expenses can I be reimbursed for?

    You can reimbursed for:

    • Car crash insurance costs.
    • Repairs and Storage costs.
    • Amount of loss in the incident.
    • Damage to personal belongings.
    • External costs related to car features.
    • Medical Treatment Received.
    • Personal Injury Claims (PIC)


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