Claiming Faulty Electrical Wiring Compensation

Did you get faulty electrical wiring around the housing council premises? Is the housing association refusing to take responsibility for the negligence in repairs? Are you in constant danger of getting shocked by the damaged wires?

Faulty Electrical wiring is one of the most dangerous disrepair in a council house. It can severely give deadly electrical shocks to any person who comes in contact with one of the faulty wires. Tenants who are living in such conditions must immediately look to make a compensation claim.

If you or your loved one experienced a shock because of a subpar system or negligent repairs, let Vintage Claims take over your case and give you the compensation you deserve.

How deadly is Faulty Wiring?

Injuries by exposed wires can cause deadly shocks, sometimes even fires that can induce some serious injuries. Electrical fires can be deadly, they are not affected by water and can impose serious outburst chances for explosion. All of your personal belongings can be destroyed and you might suffer heavy damages as well as loss costs.

You may experience psychological damage, resulting in PTSD from electrical wiring. Usually, the fault for this great amount of damage stems from negligence in repairs or structural integrity compromise. It may be possible that the electrical fault was because of the carelessness shown by the electrician who worked on the electrical wiring premise.

Are you living with these problems daily? Do you want to claim compensation regarding housing disrepair? Our solicitors have been working in this field for over a decade now so by claiming with us, you have the best chance of getting the entitlement you deserve.

Negligence in repairs – Housing Tenant’s Well-being

Continuously ignoring the problems would lead to a gradual decrease in the well-being and enjoyment of the property provided to the tenant. The tenant may experience discomfort living in the council house. Tenants must be ensured that they are in a livable property.

No housing association or council house can give a rented accommodation which has dangerous hazards such as faulty wiring or structural wiring faultage. Council housing must provide repairs on immediate notice.

Wondering if there are specific requirements for your claim compensation? When you call us, we can give you legal guidance in representing the rights you have as a tenant. Claim with us today to know more about your compensation case.

Housing association and Faulty Wiring Disrepair

If your housing association noticed the wires affecting your situation, they must within a reasonable standard of time make a faulty wiring disrepair. Any period of continued negligence shown by the council house can result in liability ligation by the tenant.

They owe a duty of care towards you. They cannot avoid that duty of care to save some money or not do repairs on the tenant’s premises. Any damage caused by their negligence is compensated by them only.

Each housing authoritative body may exert control over the premises, but the tenants living in a rental accommodation have certain legal rights too. The housing association cannot overlook their well-being and situation because of conflicting interests.

Your rights as a Tenant living in Council House

Every tenant has certain rights when living in a council house provided by the housing association. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act and Health and Safety at Work Act allow tenants to claim any damages that are caused by faulty wiring.

Every tenant has the right to live in a problem-free house, which means they are in a council house that has the right standards of living. Faulty Wiring can make the premise dangerous for their well-being.

The law makes it easier for you to claim for the suffering you got in case of electrical discharge from exposed wires. Our team will ensure that your case will not go without compensation delivered. We will make your house get repaired while recovering costs from the at-fault party.

Electrical Accidents caused by the Faults in system

Any electrical wiring exposed that caused an electrical accident can be compensated accordingly. Hanging wires, wires from sockets, exposed parts of wiring and breaker faults can lead to fires and paraesthesia sensations. Mild cutmarks can also occur from a melting wire point.

Double routing can also make it dangerous to even touch metallic objects and electricity-conducting materials. Almost all electrical accidents happen because of negligence in proper wiring insulation or pending repairs from a long time ago.

Burning sensations can leave permanent marks on the foreskin and near contact area. There are also deaths due to cardiac arrest coming from a high-voltage shock.

It may also damage the blood circulation, leading to unfortunate deaths in many cases. Electrical accidents are deadly. If one of your loved ones experiences an accident because of faulty wiring exposure, you can claim for them and cover the costs induced by the electrical discharge.

Electrical Faults in an old council house

It is possible that you are living in an old council house and the housing association is refusing to change or do repairs because of the possible wear and tear over time.

However, that still does not mean they are not obligated to provide a safe and hassle-free council house. Even if the council house is really old, the housing council must make sure that the electrical faults are repaired using alternative methods such as proper insulation.

They must also look for any damages in the electric grid system of the house. Over time, material may deteriorate and can give rise to dampness, mould and structural collapse.

By maintaining the electrical system integrity, the housing association can repair the old council houses and provide adequate insulation for the faulty electric system. They must also introduce a proper heating solution for any electrical fires coming.

Looking for a claim to make? Not sure if your old council house can be repaired or not? Our solicitors will make sure everything is covered, giving you the required refurbishment for the repairs and suffering. We help out the tenants who are under constant negligence from housing councils.

Importance of Electricity System

An electrical grid system is useful for a functioning home that allows the tenant to have comfortable rental housing. It’s important to have a working electricity system without any faulty wiring because many of the daily tasks require the use of electricity.

Moreover, damaged electrical grids and fault wiring can damage the appliances present in a house and cost large amounts of financial costs just to repair them. If a leakage due to negligence causes the electrical wiring to tear off, the whole rental premise may be in great danger.

Hazards such as electrical fire, explosions and burns are continuously present in an electrical fault wiring house. The housing administration must look to repair any electrical wiring faults present, making sure that any unresolved restorations are done properly.

There’s also the probability of life-threatening thermal burns if electrical grids are not repaired over a long period, causing strain on electrical fuses and making them fault. If you or your loved ones were electrocuted or burned due to constant negligence shown by the council house, it is best advised that you get the compensation as soon as possible.

Want to know just how much you are entitled to compensation? We will get compensation on your behalf and help you get the proper representation you rightfully deserve. Call us today to let us quantify your loss.

Common causes of electric shock

Many common causes for electric shock faults exist, which can either be done negligently or by accident. However, in a council house where repairs are not being done with proper restoration, the electric shock you got was likely because of negligence from an at-fault party.

Any faulty equipment present in the tenant house such as broken electrical grids which are not PAT tested and maintained. Broken grounding faults as well as electric continuity blockage can also lead to overstrain in the electrical system. It’s probable that the insulation system might be at fault too.

If any liquid comes into contact with any faulty wiring such as the use of hairdressing or other liquid usage appliance, an electrical discharge can happen in a field area due to exposure. It can also happen in the case of an outlet that had exposure leading to deadly electrical shocks.

All of these injuries can be life-threatening to the tenant and their family living in rented accommodation. Every housing association owes a duty of care towards the tenant. The housing association must ensure proper electrical repair conduct according to the official standards set by the HSE and make sure that any insulation is properly working at all times.

You must let your council house know about any pending repairs in your council house as soon as possible. This will allow you to claim compensation in a complete no-fault stance. Reach out to us to start your claim immediately.

Conditional Fee Agreement – No-Win, No-Fee Claim

Claiming compensation for faulty electrics is done on a complete No-Win, No-Fee basis. At Vintage Claims, we are committed to bringing back the smiles of the families experiencing disrepair on behalf of a negligent housing association or council house. We make sure that your claim is brought to the right amount of justice.

Vintage Claims obtain compensation on a Conditional Fee agreement, which outlines the condition that if we win the case, our solicitors will only charge an agreed amount for a successful fee before the condition. If we do lose the case, you won’t have to pay anything from your pocket, allowing you to start a claim effectively.

When you claim with a No-Win, No-Fee solicitor, you are allowing yourself to be on the road to claim compensation for your loved ones. You can get compensation for any suffering you got as a direct result of the housing council’s negligence.

Claiming against Housing Association for Electrical Shock

If you have been experiencing any kind of electrical faults due to constant negligence shown by the housing association or council house, you can claim compensation for the damages related to suffering and out-of-pocket expenses you had to bear.

It is easy to ligate against the at-fault party for their carelessness in their duty of care. The law of the United Kingdom allows tenants to get compensated for the amount they got harmed and suffered due to the discharge of electrical shocks or faulty wiring.

To start a compensation claim, just call Vintage Claims and we will take over your case completely. We will prove the no-fault stance to obtain refurbishment directly from the housing association’s insurance. They will cover the costs for any personal belongings damage and medical costs for any burn injuries.

Are you wondering if you are capable of even making a claim? Some certain requirements are needed to make a true and successful claim case. You must be at no fault so we can maximise the amount of compensation we can get for you.

Getting the right solicitor representation is the way to go towards a successful claim. We obtain evidence, give legal representation and handle everything so you can relax at home knowing your claim case is in capable hands. Start your venture by claiming with us today.

What compensation I can claim?

You can claim for:

  • Electrical Shock Damage
  • Any amenity loss
  • Any Mental trauma or disabilities
  • Expenses and out-of-pocket costs
  • Lingering PTSD aftershock
  • Loss of work occasion and wage loss
  • Any medical costs and future pending costs

Still don’t know how to claim for the electrical defect claim? Is the housing association still ignoring your rights? Vintage Claims can help you get the required entitlement as soon as possible, so call us immediately to know more about your specifics.

Finding an electrical fault and reporting it

When reporting an electrical fault to the housing council, you must identify the root cause of the problem. Things as simple as an electrical grid failure can cause massive problems for tenants and families. In the years from 2012 to 2016 alone, reports of electrical fires were found in 44,800 households, 38% being council houses.

The majority of the fires were caused by electrical malfunctions or property damage due to dampness and mould. Every year, an average of 1,200 and 400 deaths are unfortunately reported., with the damages totalling around $1.3 billion.

An electrical fire can be stopped and reported before it becomes dangerous, by ensuring all the outlets in the home are safe to use. The housing association must make sure that any outlet giving unnecessary heat is repaired immediately.

If you spot any lingering open wires that can be a reason for a possible electric shock, you should also report that to the housing council. You can also spot any discoloured or flickering lights coming from one of the bulbs. It is also important to check if you have any pending repairs or not, note them down and send the report in an official letter of claim.

Are you having problems in your day-to-day life due to negligence from the housing association? What if you wanted to claim for faulty electrical heating but don’t know how to or where to properly start? In that case, you can contact Vintage Claims to have them claim on your behalf.


Amount of Compensation For Electrical Defect

In a council house with many electrical defects, it’s normal to think about the possible compensation you can claim. In case you suffered physical harm, burns or any mental suffering, you can cover the costs that were a direct result of negligence. Factors such as the severity of the injuries, the difference in claim cases and the amount of incorporation from council authority will define your final quantification.

Usually, you can claim for general and special damages. General damages cover harm to the body, direct burns (3rd degree or severe), aftershock suffering and heart treatment in case of a cardiac arrest. In case of a wrongful death, the compensation claim may be more serious and would cover sanitary losses as well as amenity losses.

For special damages, usually, you can claim against the housing association for any property damage, wage loss, medical costs and future housing relocation expenses. Housing disrepair is a serious issue in modern council houses, 6 out of 15 houses experience disrepair directly due to negligence in repairs and maintenance.

We strongly recommend you start the claim compensation as soon as possible. Our solicitors will gather evidence in time to maximise the fruitfulness of your case claim. Vintage Claim stages everything on your behalf to let the process be as smooth as it can be. Start your legal venture today by claiming with us.

Vintage Claims is all you need

No Financial cost

We make sure that you won't have to spend anything extra. Our team works on a complete No-Win, No-Fee basis, which lets you represent the claim with effectively no costs bearing on you at all.

We understand your need

Here at Vintage Claims Management, we aim to help our clients with their housing disrepair claims needs. We understand the impact of Central heating issues, that's why we work extra to get your compensation.

Look no more

By claiming with us, you can expect to get legal coverage till your claim is concluded. We will do everything to succeed in your endeavour and let you get the maximum amount of compensation possible.

How do we work – Suing Housing Association for Faulty Electrical Wiring

Firstly we evaluate the amount of loss you experienced and how much you are entitled to. This is called the quantum of the case and we evaluate it using the damages you got as a result of negligence from a housing association. We will notify the at-fault party shortly after and have their claim for the damage you suffered.

Our team will wait for their reply for 21 days. If they agree or want to negotiate for the final compensation amount. We will make sure that you receive the best amount of entitlement possible. We will set up a meeting and negotiate on your behalf.

Vintage Claims gives you the chance to get entitlement according to your needs, personally catered to give you a personalized experience. We will also help you get the extra special compensation needed to cover the expenses relating to medical costs and any long-term amenity losses. If you have any wage losses, we also help you cover them as well.


Ligation in court

However, if they fail to reply within 21 days of the letter of claim request or they show consequential negligence, we will make sure that your case is presented in front of a jury or judge with ample evidence. They will decide the right amount of compensation you deserve, while also penalizing the housing association for the claim.

We will make sure that your case representation is done with a solid foundation and ample evidence. Vintage Claims aims to get compensation for the victims of faulty electric cases and wishes to have them refurbished relating to the expense they have to carry.

Want to know how you can claim today without any exceptions? We will make sure that your process is as smooth as it can be. Our solicitors gather evidence, handle all legal intricacies and help you claim for yourself. Start your legal venture by claiming with us today.


Can my Housing Association evict me if I decide to bring a claim?

Your housing association cannot evict you for any reason. If the claim is made against the housing association, you are only exercising your rights and the council house cannot terminate the tenancy contract on that behalf. They will be penalized if they do.

The tenants have the right to claim for the negligence they face against the housing association. If you are one of the many people who are experiencing discomfort because of someone’s carelessness, call Vintage Claims and we will take care of everything for you.


Can you claim for electric insurance through a no-fault claim?

It depends, if you are partially at fault for the repairs or damage in the council house, you might be able to claim through your housing insurance instead. However, in the case of a no-fault, you can only claim completely by working with a solicitor who will enable you to claim compensation.

All no-fault claims are made on the basis that you are not at fault, though your insurer will still treat it as a normal case. This results in high future premiums for your tenant housing insurance. Our solicitors prevent that by directly claiming against the at-fault party. Start your claim today by calling us at any time.


Starting the claim process

If the council house continues to ignore your problems for a long period, you can contact a legal firm to act on your behalf and start the ligation process. We will make sure that no stone is unturned when claiming for your case.

Our official process starts with your written letter of request outlining the issues you are having with the council house. You must send it to the housing association responsible for managing your claim. In case they refuse or show carelessness in doing the repairs, call Vintage Claims and we will take over from here.


  • What is an Electrical Defect Claim?

    Any Possible damage in the council house due to electrical wires or elements being in disrepair. It can happen from conditions like dampness, mould, worn-torn and lack of maintenance.

  • Who is responsible for taking care of Electrical Defects?

    Each Housing Disrepair defect is solely in the care of the duty of the housing association towards its council tenant. They must make sure that all living conditions and wiring are properly repaired, checked and made sure for daily use. Conditions such as negligence in repairs can lead to heavy losses for both tenants and council houses.

  • Why Housing Association is being negligent towards me?

    Unfortunately, many housing associations don’t know the law system and their requirements to rent a council house. The tenancy agreement is also usually signed by Tenants without much regard for their rights and establishment.

    If any of the conditions are not according to sensible and clean instructions, then your housing association may be being negligent in working towards your duty of care.

  • Is it possible to exercise my rights?

    Every tenant can enforce his/her rights, in case of any long pending disrepairs and ensure that they are living in a comfortable and according to their living standard council house. any disrepair towards the tenant is a nuisance and must be cleared as soon as possible.

    Failure to do so can result in harsh punishments for housing associations or council housing. We recommend you talk with one of our solicitors to know more about your case.

  • Why do no-fault disrepair claims allows for a tenant to claim compensation?

    Disrepair claims are made to ensure that every tenant has the means to cover their expenses as a direct result of negligence from the housing council. It allows them to save on cost-bearing repairs and have the council house compensate for the damages instead.

  • Why do I need a solicitor's help in an Electrical Fault Claim?

    A solicitor allows you to make a claim effectively without any hassles. They can report your claim compensation with expertly crafted evidence designed to make you get the entitlement you are seeking.

    Vintage Claim solicitors work on a No-Fee Contingency Basis, meaning any required legal assistance and representation is completely done by us. Vintage Claims takes pride in getting the families right back on track for their council house problems. We ensure that the time you have is better spent with your loved ones than court procedures.

    Our team of solicitors can report your claim compensation with expertly crafted evidence. We gather every bit of information to support your No-W, No-Fee basis – also known as No-Fault claim. We help you get the required legal assistance and representation.

  • Why is a Letter of Claim needed for Electrical Disrepair?

    An Electrical Disrepair Claim allows you to claim for any lingering electrical faults that are yet to be repaired. A letter of claim is the starting initialisation of your claim compensation. It allows you to start the whole ligation progress effectively.

    If you are looking for a claim handler who can support your electrical disrepair claim, we can help you out in every way possible. Our claim solicitors will give you legal guidance as well as representation so you can get the refurbishment for your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • How do I contact Vintage Claims for Electrical Disrepair?

    You can reach out to us at our contact form here. Alternatively, you can contact us at one of these credentials:

    Tel: (020) 4515 2802

    Second Line: (029) 2128 1515


    Main Headquarters: 35-Brick Ln, Northolt UB5 6GS

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