Claiming Heating Issue against Housing Association

When you are living in rented accommodation, you may experience some heating issues arising from a lack of proper maintenance or negligent repairs. If your housing association or council house is careless in their upkeep and duty of care towards you, tenants can look forward to filing a compensation claim.

We at Vintage Claims make filing a claim for compensation for your heating problems in a rented house easier. Our team of solicitors will take your case on a complete no-win, no-fee basis, which means the cost of the fee lies with the at-fault party. Start your legal venture today by claiming with us.

Responsibilities of Housing Association in Central Heating Problems

The housing association is bound to handle all rental housing problems, including heating, boiling and leakage issues. Central heating during winter provides warm insulation, protecting the tenant’s home from cold, breezing winter.

Tenants are at constant risk of diseases if the central heating system has a breakdown. Continuous negligence always results in serious health risks and hazards to their standard of living. Diseases like hypothermia, cold flu and ammonia can result in off-work time, inducing unwanted amenity and wage loss over time.

If the problems are persistent and the tenant’s well-being is compromised, they can file for a claim representing their rights and ensuring the compensation is awarded for the suffering and harm it brought.

How Council House is negligent for the heating issues?

Many issues usually arise from conditional heating or central heat breakdown negligence. The housing association is responsible for keeping the council premises safe and habitable. They must follow the safety code of health and safety hazards, including repairing the central heart system.

If the rented accommodation has heating and boiler issues, the tenant can file a claim against the council house for the continued suffering. When you want to get your rights represented, you should look for a claims management firm that can get you the entitlement you want.

Are you looking for a dependable claims solicitor? When you are experiencing heating issues in a rented accommodation, it is not easy to live without taking against the housing association. We recommend that you contact our friendly team to have them evaluate your claim.

Is central heating an issue for health?

During winter and in cold temperature areas, the heating is essential for insulation from cold and ensures the rented premises are comfortable and relaxing for the tenant. However, when the heating fails, there’s a high risk of getting diseases like trench feet or the common cold.

The lack of a working boiler also presents an issue for tenants looking for a heat source to stay warm in winter. That’s why it’s essential to address any repairs that concern central heating and maintenance; otherwise, the housing association is liable for all the suffering and amenity loss.

If you are forced to boil water at another premise because of ongoing issues with the heating system, you are entitled to claim compensation for the inconvenience caused by the council house. Vintage Claims can help you file a claim for yourself.

Your rights as a tenant in a broken heating claim

Tenants living in accommodation have the right to have a safe and comfortable council house. The compensation is based on the Landlord and Tenant Act, which also affects the housing association or council house and outlines the importance of duty of care between the Housing association and tenants.

According to S.11 of the Act, your council house must ensure that your gas, electricity, and water needs are always well-maintained. Installations to preheat the water and heating insulations must be kept up to working standards.

If sometime after your housing council fails to provide you heat options within a reasonable amount of time, you can file for claim compensation and get the damages settled based on your entitlement. Call our solicitors today to evaluate your claim.

How can broken heating damage a council house?

Every home has a dedicated central heating to combat the coldness of the winter season. When the heating system is compromised because of negligence from an at-fault housing association party, the tenant can experience severe discomfort in the chilly and wet conditions of the cold.

It can cause several illnesses ranging from cold to flu. In extreme cases, you can experience deadly frostbite under continuous long-term exposure. Your house can also get damp and mouldy conditions, which can result in damage and health infections as well as harm to personal belongings. The microbial growth can also cause the insulation to fail, leading to a long-term cold atmosphere in your house.

You and your family living in the home can be at constant risk of safety issues and amenity loss if you have to take time off from office work. Any wage loss and psychological trauma may hamper your ability to take necessary action against the responsible council housing or housing association.

Any force isolation resulting from severe diseases may also impact you in the future, such as a weakened immune system due to stress or constant medical care. Your housing association must be liable for the incurred loss and suffering you had to experience. Their continuous negligence led to problems that were avoidable from the start.

Why compromise your standard of living because of someone else’s negligence when you can represent your rights and get the settlement you deserve? Vintage Claims will guide you in claiming compensation as soon as possible. We will ensure that professionals evaluate your case, giving you the best results for your claim.

Average Payout of Heating Issue Disrepair Claim

The amount of settlement for compensation you can get depends on the type of injuries, suffering and diseases you had, as well as the complexity, any losses incurred and out-of-pocket expenses. The average payout for each type of disrepair claim may vary from type to type.

Not every case is the same, as the factors can differ. Some claims can have boiler heating issues due to partial fault. In contrast, there could be others with a severe central heating breakdown because of negligence from a housing association. Our solicitors will evaluate the amount based on the conditions and issues at the rented premises.

Moreover, the extent of the housing association’s negligence is also counted. If you performed the resulting repairs and notified the council house beforehand about the pending disrepairs, your compensation amount can likely rise. However, suppose you didn’t inform or notify the housing council in an official letter request. In that case, you may lose the validity of the claim compensation.

You can Claim for these Heating Damages

General Damages:

  • Lack of heating
  • Lack of proper cold measures
  • Tenant’s health impact
  • Diseases and illnesses
  • Repair costs
  • Time length

Special Damages:

  • Wage loss
  • Wrongful Death
  • Amnetiy and opportunity loss
  • Ongoing Medical Care
  • Any Lifestyle Changes
  • Any Rental Accommodation Changes
  • Any Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Any Future Repair Settlements

PTSD (Trauma such as anxiety or depression)

Estimations of the Heating Issue Compensation

Illness from cold or toxins:

  • Short-term diseases: £800 – £4,000
  • Mild to severe body diseases: £3,750 – £8,560
  • Serious body diseases: £7,880 – £16,930
  • Dangerous body diseases (Life-threatening): £22,300 – £48,420

Mental Damage:

  • Mild PTSD: £820 – £1,610
  • Fear of Cold: £1,280 – £2,450
  • Fear of Death: £1,910 – £4,330
  • Brain Damage: £8120 – £16,340

Problems due to Heating:

  • Heating Disrepair : £2,200 – £3,840
  • Boiler Faults and Damage: £5,320 – £8,450


  • Work or lifestyle changes: Depends
  • Late time repairs: £22 – £180

Time Limit to make a heating disrepair claim

Under the Limitation Act, all processed claims cases have a unique deadline, which is the standard for all types of claims. Each year, many claim cases are processed in legislation and are under the time limit to make a claim. Generally, this can be either from three to six years.

For housing disrepair claims and, by extension, heating disrepair claims, the general timeframe to make a compensation claim is around six years, starting from the date the central heating issue was identified. Most of the time, claims are made early to ensure they are handled as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing a problem at the hands of someone else’s negligence, you can follow up with a claim within the time limit to have them be liable for the damages, or if your case has some unique circumstances, you can call Vintage Claims to know more about the regulations regarding the legal framework of housing disrepair claims.

Our team will help you get the refurbishment in time to avoid any claim being voided. Vintage Claims‘ solicitors can advise you on proceeding with the claim’s unique complexities and events. We guarantee you won’t compromise on anything, ensuring you get the maximum settlement you want.

Heating Claim No-Win, No-Fee

Our legal solicitors will help you get the required compensation as soon as possible. They work on a contigency fee basis, meaning they don’t charge you if they lose the case. If they win, they only take a percentage of the awarded compensation they get from the claim.

We can help you get catered customised experience in dealing with claims for heating. You can ask our team for any consultation and guidance. Our clients will be also working hard to get your compensation as soon as possible. Contact us to know more about your claim today.

We will start gathering evidence related to the following

  • Witness Statements
  • Negligent Disrepair Time
  • How long has the issue persisted
  • Any statements from the previous tenants
  • Details regarding the costs of repairs
  • Medical information outlining the diseases
  • Pictures and videos showcasing the heating problems

Our claim solicitors will use the following evidence to build the foundation for your no-fault claim. Giving our representatives a quick call will help you obtain the best compensation possible. Make sure you call us as soon as possible so you have a great chance of claiming the entitlement you deserve.

Eligibility to make a heating disrepair claim

If you are a tenant living in a rented property with a disrepair claim, you must know that the duty of care towards the tenant falls on the housing association or council house. They must make sure that any issues are to be repaired and conditions kept safe for habitation.

Although many repairs and safety measures are always in place, you may experience negligence towards some issues. These issues can stack up over time and, in turn, result in a negligence compensation claim from the tenant. You can represent your rights when the housing association fails to mandate them in a reasonable amount of time.

To initiate a claim, you must ensure you were not at fault for the damage and suffering resulting from the disrepair. You must have carried the tenancy and not have breached it in any way. Once you notice any disrepair, you must inform your housing council immediately through an official written notice which outlines the issues concisely and understandably.

They must make sure that they carry out the repairs following your notice. However, if they don’t reply within days or let the issues persist by ignoring the problems, you can look for a claims handling company. By working with the company, they will provide options that allow you to make a claim all by yourself while relaxing at home.

A legal firm solicitor will help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. They handle the claim on your behalf, complete the legal paperwork needed and negotiate to represent your rights. They take over all the necessary load and give you a comfortable and smooth claim compensation process.

No housing association or council house should force you to live in subpar conditions. You have the right to live in a habitable rented house, no matter what type of disrepair you encounter. The breach in tenancy agreement allows you to claim for the entitlement from the damages, resulting in liability penalties for council housing.

Need help claiming for your heating issues? Is your housing association still not answering the disrepair help calls? Vintage Claims allows you to create a claim effortlessly with just one call.

You can get unlimited guidance on proceeding with your case and professional compensation evaluation by contacting us. Start your legal venture by claiming with us today.


What should you do in case the heating breaks

If your heating breaks, you must immediately notify the housing council responsible for the repairs. You must not move or touch any part of the equipment if you don’t know how to operate it successfully. Review the specific agreements in your tenancy agreement and ensure the housing association’s roles and responsibilities.

Let the housing association investigate if they decide to handle the repairs. You must ensure all issues are properly documented and made known to the housing council. If you didn’t have any fault in the damage that resulted in the heating fault, you could let the council house do the repairs themselves.

However, if they ignore your warnings or do the repairs at such a subpar level that doesn’t match your satisfaction and safety levels, you must file a claim to ensure that your living standards are maintained. Reach out to our solicitors following your official notice, and we will help you file a claim regardless of the outcome.


How we get compensation for you

We start your claim process:

Our team will first look for copies you sent to the housing association about the issues. Following this, we will send our “Letter of Claim” outlining the problems and starting the claim process. The letter of claim will set a deadline for negotiation from the at-fault party and the action for the ligation progress.

Vintage Claims will then wait for around 21-28 days to get a reply from the housing association. If we get a follow-up, we will set a deadline for a meeting to discuss the settlement. We will represent your side to ensure you have the best compensation possible. The settlement will be based on several factors, including damage caused and repair expenses.

The agreed-upon settlement will cover your amenity loss and out-of-pocket costs. Once both parties agree on the outing, the amount will be awarded to you, and we will charge a success fee percentage that is agreed upon in the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This effectively allows you to be free from any potential unwanted costs relating to an unwinnable case.

However, if they fail to respond or dispute the liability:

Our team will look to claim compensation by using ligation. We will represent the case before the jury or judge by showing relevant evidence, facts, damage reports and disrepair conditions before your rental accommodation. We will deliver the vital points to bolster your claim and award you compensation.

Vintage Claim solicitors have been in this field for over a decade. Thus, we assure you that we are exceptional in dealing with housing disrepair claims. We aim to help tenants and their families get justice for their mistreatment from the housing association or council house. That’s why we make the claim procedure as open to you as possible.

When you claim with Vintage Claims, you can look forward to some of the best in-line solicitors who can take on your case and get you the entitlement you deserve. We ensure you don’t have to hassle with a mountain’s worth of legal work, securing the compensation that matches your needs. Start your legal venture by claiming with us today.

Vintage Claims is all you need

No Financial cost

We make sure that you won't have to spend anything extra. Our team works on a complete No-Win, No-Fee basis, which lets you represent the claim with effectively no costs bearing on you at all.

We understand your need

Here at Vintage Claims Management, we aim to help our clients with their housing disrepair claims needs. We understand the impact of Central heating issues, that's why we work extra to get your compensation.

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By claiming with us, you can expect to get legal coverage till your claim is concluded. We will do everything to succeed in your endeavour and let you get the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Can you end your Tenancy due to a Mould Claim

In case you find growing mould in the rented property, you can ask for an early tenancy end due to a mould claim. However, there must be a break clause mentioned in the tenancy agreement. You can complain to the local housing association providing the accommodation if there is not one.

For the case of continued negligence from the housing association, you can look forward to entitlement based on the no-fault stance of your claim, where you didn’t cause the disrepair and the mould growth that caused health problems for your family and yourself.

Though you can pursue a claim and terminate your tenancy, we suggest not doing so, as it can impact your claim compensation later. The refurbishment received is based on several factors, your tenancy agreement and its violation being one.


What evidence is needed to prove the heating disrepair claim?

All of our claim cases are supported by documented evidence and reasonable proof. The more we have, the stronger and the easier it is to process the heating disrepair claim. Evidence can come in various ways; thus, we intend to validate each.

We will record details about heating problems, structural integrity reports, and other claims regarding housing disrepair. Our evidence will prove your no-fault stance in the case standing, allowing you to claim compensation without hassle.

We also include evidence relating to the problems that directly impacted your well-being. This can be anywhere from photographic evidence to medical information about your care and rehabilitation. Any illnesses and diseases are also compensated according to your testimony.

Gathering the required proof to build a strong case can take time. Our solicitors work tirelessly to obtain the necessary prerequisite evidence as much as possible. We will ligate at the responsible at-fault party or the defendant (housing association or council house) and have them compensate for the damage expense and any additional suffering.

Need help with filling out a fulfilling claim compensation? Need help with suing the Housing association that constantly ignores your requests and you have to bear all the costs? Vintage Claims can allow you to hold the council house accountable. Start your claim today by calling our team now.


Can your housing association evict you if you file a claim against them?

Your housing council or association has never been evicted if you decided to outline an issue and claim your rights as a tenant. This is a breach of the tenancy agreement and could further instigate litigation against the housing association responsible for the negligence of heating issues.

The UK Law clarifies that every tenant has the right to live in a comfortable home. The council house must maintain the proper conditions to live appropriately. Your council house cannot evict you for filing a claim against them.

Need more certainty about making a claim? When claiming heating issues, ensure you have the necessary information about the source of the issues and have paid your rent already. You cannot pursue a compensation claim if you cannot follow up on the tenancy agreement.


  • What should I do if my heating has faults?

    Report the necessary repairs to your council house, send a formal request and make sure you get a copy of it. If the council house continues to neglect your requests, give Vintage Claims a call and we will be happy to get the entitlement you deserve.

  • Is my council house responsible for the heating repairs?

    Yes, every housing association or council house have a duty of care towards their tenants. If they are experiencing any disrepairs continuously, they must make sure that they are repaired in time.

    They are to be held accountable in case they fail to provide a reasonable standard of living to you. Any heating part or central heating system fault should be resolved as soon as possible.

  • What is a No-Win, No-Fee Solicitor?

    A No-Win, No-Fee solicitor is a legal practitioner who, unlike a normal solicitor, works on a complete contingency basis – also known as conditional agreement. This type of solicitor allows you to effectively start a claim compensation without any financial strains.

  • Is a No-Fault Heating Claim valid through insurance?

    Any no-fault claim is not valid through insurance coverage. Insurance companies would never recognise a no-fault claim and would treat it as normal insurance, meaning it can potentially raise your premiums if you decide to claim from your insurer instead.

  • Why it is necessary to get heating issue compensation?

    By the lack of continued heating, you can get illness which can compromise your health over a long period of time. Your council house may also experience damnpess and possible mould growth which can also bring harm to your personal belongings and fungi growth causing respitory problems.

  • How Much Compensation is for Central Heating Issue?

    It depends on the harshness of the damage caused by the lack of heating. You can be entitled to a wide range of compensation that can cover damages related to problems causing health and safety issues. The compensation also depends on the house rental amount and special damages.

    The house rental can be about 25% to 50% of the rental amount. In extreme cases, you can get up to 100% of the compensation awarded. You can also get compensation for special damages including amenity loss, PTSD, medical costs and out-of-pocket exchange.

  • When do No-Win, No-Fee solicitors charge you?

    A No-Win, No-Fee solicitor only charges you on the condition they win the case. If they don’t win the case, you are not obligated to pay them for their services. If they do win, however, they will only charge a percentage from the awarded compensation that is limited by UK laws.

  • How can you start a claim for a Heating Disrepair Claim?

    At Vintage Claims, we can help you start a compensation claim and advise you on how you can get the highest quality claim. By claiming with us we can help you obtain the maximum compensation as soon as possible. You can start your claim today by clicking this link here.

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