Complaints Procedures

Our primary objective is to offer exceptional service to our customers. However, we acknowledge that there may be instances where our service may not meet your expectations. In the event of dissatisfaction with the services rendered, a complaint can be lodged with us. Submitting a complaint provides us with the chance to conduct an investigation and enhance our services for all users.

To initiate a complaint, kindly get in touch with us through the contact details outlined in this procedure. Upon receipt of your complaint, we will proceed to review it and subsequently furnish you with our response. In the event that the provided response does not meet your satisfaction, you have the option to elevate your complaint to an Ombudsman for their final determination.


Customers have the option to file a complaint regarding our services through any reasonable method. To initiate communication with us, kindly utilise the subsequent contact information:

Branch 1:

Contact can be made via phone at: (075) 2069 3242

Address: London Office: 35 Brick Ln, Northolt UB5 6GS

Branch 2:

Contact can be made via phone at: Landline: (029) 2128 1515

Mobile: (075) 2064 4958

Address: Wales Office: 35 Fields Road, Newport Wales, NP20 5BP

The email address for submitting complaints to Online Legal Limited is


We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Please tell us the following when you file a report to help us do this:

  • A description of your problem
  • How would you like us to make things right?
  • Your name and where you live
  • The best time to call you and your phone number.



Upon receipt of your complaint, we will aim to provide a resolution within 3 business days. If successful, we will notify you in writing and issue a Summary Resolution Communication to confirm the resolution of your complaint. The resolution of your complaint will be deemed complete within the specified timeframe only upon your acceptance of our response.


In the event that your complaint remains unresolved within three business days of receipt, we will promptly issue a written acknowledgement letter to you. This letter will be issued no later than 3-5 working days following the date we received your complaint. The acknowledgement letter serves as a confirmation that the complaint has been received and is being addressed promptly. After sending the acknowledgement letter, we will provide you with updates on the status of the actions being taken to address your complaint.

Upon receipt of your complaint, our Complaint Handler will conduct a thorough review and may require further communication with you to obtain additional information or clarifications in order to establish the facts surrounding your complaint. Upon receipt of your concerns, our complaint handler will conduct a thorough investigation.

Upon completion of our investigations, a final response letter will be issued to you within a period of 8 weeks from the date of receipt of your complaint. The conclusive outcome will provide a comprehensive account of our discoveries and decision. In the event that we are unable to furnish you with a conclusive response within 8 weeks from the date of receiving your complaint, we shall furnish you with a written response that will elucidate the reasons for our inability to provide a final response, the expected timeline for receiving a final response, and the option to escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (specifically the Claims Management Ombudsman, which is a subdivision of the Financial Ombudsman Service).

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