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Are you searching for a credit hire company after an accident? If you are looking for a replacement vehicle after a no-fault accident? Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd provides the fastest and most reliable services. Therefore, contact us now to get credit hire services now!

Many of us in the UK need to learn about the credit hire claims process. There are two options for the person involved in no-fault accidents.

  • Call the insurance company for the claim
  • Contact a Credit hire claims handler or company

Calling the insurance company may be a lengthy process. Therefore, we always recommend you contact a credit hire company. Doing this lets you be on the road as soon as possible by using the company’s rental car available for you. Furthermore, they will take care of your accident claim as well.

Credit hire companies often offer a quick and efficient service that covers everything from pick-up and drop-off of the rented vehicle to providing a replacement car that is similar in size and interior comfort to the customer’s own car.

This all takes away any immediate stress over getting back on the road, meaning drivers don’t need to worry about arranging for transportation, waiting for public transport, or relying on lifts.

In many cases this service can be arranged with minimal paperwork, making it both cost-effective and convenient for drivers facing an unexpected repair bill through no fault of their own.

If you are looking for the best credit hire company in the UK? Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd is the best you can choose. We are a leading Credit Hire Claims company in the UK. Also have proven records of helping our clients.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most reliable and fastest services. So they can be on the road and get compensation for a no-fault accident.


  • What to do after a non fault car accident?

    Contact emergency service, and ensure everyone is safe. Take pictures of vehicles involved in the accident. Also, exchange contact and insurance details with all the parties involved in the accident. Report the incident to your insurance company. You can also contact Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd to arrange a rental car. Furthermore, we will take care of rest for you.

  • What details need to be exchanged after a road accident?

    After an accident, you must share the details of all possible proofs. This could include pictures of damaged vehicles, contact details, and insurance details.

  • Do i have to report my car accident to my insurance?

    Yes, you can report to the insurance companies for the compensation of the claims. Or you can also contact credit hire handlers to care for the rest. Similarly, will provide you with the rental vehicle and contact your insurance company. So you can be tension free and get the compensation that you deserve.


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