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Your landlord refused or failed to carry out the repairs? Looking for housing disrepair solicitors near me? Couldn’t find expert housing disrepair claims solicitors in the UK for your claim? Let Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd. help you get your maximum compensation today. We have been providing this service for the last ten years.

Therefore, our solicitors are ready to fight for your rights in cases where the government does not play its role, or if your landlord feels free to disregard their responsibilities, then our solicitors are prepared to fight for you as well.

After sending a notice to the landlords or housing association, if they do not respond well or they make lame excuses about repairing or maintenance, and they ask for an increase in rent allowance, then we repair your home. And continuously ignore your issue.

Legal action may be the next step if the landlord or housing company refuses to perform the repair or does it to a low standard. Then, you should file a case. We will completely support you. In the UK, no one can compromise on their living standard or live in the poor condition. Disrepair is one of the major issues that disturb your health and is especially very harmful to your child.

Our Housing Disrepair Claims solicitors are the most seniors and register with the government. Our housing disrepair solicitors handle all types of cases, privately and publicly. Our solicitors are willing to help you in any situation,

Whether you need the landlord to perform the necessary repairs or you need compensation for the disrepair caused by your landlord, we can help you make a claim.

We want to make sure that you and your family have a comfortable way of living without having to worry about the effects of disrepair on you and your family.

Millions of UK residents rent their homes but don’t know their tenants’ rights.

Moreover, according to the studies, almost 97% of UK residents need to familiarize themselves with their rights as renters. Such unfamiliarities could lead to problems for those living in homes that need repairs.

However, this could lead to an unhealthy environment or poor living standards. In such cases, you must report to the landlord for the home repair. If they refuse, you can go for the claims for housing disrepair.

As tenants, we must know that many landlords take advantage of the lack of government regulations and rising rent costs. They ask for high rents for the houses that need repairing. However, they are accountable for the following disrepairs:

  • Ensuring the property meets fire safety regulations
  • Servicing the boiler
  • Maintaining the plasterwork, roof, and brickwork
  • Fixing any gas and water leaks
  • Removing any mold and damp
best housing disrepair solicitors near me no win no fee

Best No Win No Fee Housing Disrepair Solicitors Near Me

Vintage Claims Management Group is a leading housing disrepair company. Our HDR solicitors are the most professional and experienced ones. We have helped many to get the maximum compensation. Our HDR team follows the housing disrepair agreement of no win, no fee. That’s why we are the most reliable and best housing disrepair management company.

Whenever you have a house in disrepair, contact our experts, and we will help you. You will get what you rightfully deserve. We will help you get compensated and repair your rental accommodation. Therefore, instead of looking for HDR Claims UK, you can contact us, and we will be available at your service.

Faulty heating

Vegetation growth

Leaking roof

Damp and mould

Unsafe flooring & stairs


Rotting windows

Damaged/worn brickwork

Plumbing & Drainage problems


  • What do housing disrepair solicitors do?

    HDR solicitors provide advice and representation to tenants for HDR claims compensation. These compensations are for the poor living standards of living of tenants in rented accommodations. Rented accommodations are owned privately, by housing councils, or housing associations.

  • How do I make a housing disrepair claim? What is the process?

    Before taking any legal action, report the disrepair to the landlord. Also, provide them with a reasonable time to fix them. But if your landlord doesn’t act, gather all the information to support your claim. This information could include letters, emails and texts which show that you have reported the disrepairs. Furthermore, you can take pictures of the damages and any receipt which shows you have done repairs yourself. However, you can also include medical reports if it affects your health.

    After gathering all the proofs, consult with the law firm or housing solicitors like Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd. We will take legal action against your landlord on your behalf.

  • How do I make a claim for no win no fee housing disrepair?

    To make a No Win No Fee housing disrepair claim, you need someone with expertise and experience in the legal sector. That’s why Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd is here to help.

    We offer free initial assessments to those wishing to claim housing disrepair. We understand that making such a claim can be challenging. So we are here every step of the way to ensure proper assistance throughout the process, so your rights are protected. We have an experienced team of solicitors that can provide advice and support throughout your case, from beginning to end.

    At Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd, we handle cases on a No Win No Fee basis. Therefore, no financial risk involved with claiming housing disrepair. But you must follow our terms and conditions carefully in our Client Care Agreement. Following the agreement means you will only pay us if we win your case.

    We take pride in understanding each case. Therefore, we provide our expertise accordingly. Whether need to request surveys or take court action against Defendant’s Landlords. We are there to cover your back.

    We have substantial experience dealing with local councils and housing disrepair associations to ensure the quality of living for the tenants. Also, we are assuring that the tenants must be aware of housing disrepair claims criteria. So they know how they can proceed legally. Furthermore, we will provide our clients with the legal and emotional support they need.

    We aim to secure justice where landlords fail to meet their responsibilities, leaving tenants with no choice but to seek compensation through court systems. We provide them with the necessary empowerment needed.

  • How can I contact the Housing Disrepair Team?

    At Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd, our Housing Disrepair Team is here to provide you with the highest quality advice and support when making a successful claim against negligent landlords. We understand how hard it can be for tenants to take action against their landlords, and that’s why we offer a range of services to make the process as smooth as possible.

    Firstly, we advise all renters who may have experienced housing disrepair or breaches of tenancy agreement terms to contact us directly via our website or over the phone. Our team can provide initial advice and guidance on your legal rights free of charge to ensure that you are fully informed before taking any further steps.

    Our experienced team is familiar with the legal rights of tenants in the UK. Therefore, we can assist in preparing the evidence and coordinating inspections if necessary. Furthermore, we can also help you in preparing documents like schedules of dilapidation/disrepair. We can also negotiate with the landlords for disrepair. You can also get our solicitors’ services if court proceedings become necessary.

    Our commitment is always towards providing our clients with what they deserve. Therefore, we can handle your claim more efficiently and bring maximum compensation for your claim. Providing such services ensures an unbeatable experience for the tenant seeking justice from their negligent landlord or third parties like property agents. Therefore, get in touch today using one of our preferred methods listed below:

    – Phone: +44 075 2064 4958

    – Website: https://vamgltd.co.uk/contact-us/

    – Email: info@vamgltd.co.uk

  • How can I get help from a housing disrepair solicitor in Manchester?

    At Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd, we understand the importance of having a reliable housing disrepair solicitor in Manchester. Our team of expert solicitors provide a wide range of services for all kinds of claims related to housing disrepair in Manchester. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable about landlord-tenant law, tenant rights, insurance claims, repair disputes, health and safety concerns and more.

    Our solicitors have extensive experience advocating for tenants in cases involving traditional brick & mortar homes or with shared facilities. Furthermore, we ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve as quickly as possible.

    Whatever your concern is about disrepair, Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd can help you find an effective solution. Furthermore, if you need a housing disrepair solicitor in Manchester, please get in touch!

  • How Much Compensation For Housing Disrepair?

    When dealing with compensation for housing disrepair, it is important to understand the various aspects that come into play. Depending on the severity of the damage, a homeowner can be entitled to a wide range of compensation.

    People seek compensation for the most common damages related to structural defects or issues such as faulty wiring, broken windows, blocked drains, and other problems causing health and safety issues. In such cases, report the damage in writing to the landlord and provide them time to fix these damages. If still no action is taken, you should be able to make an appropriate claim under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985.

    Many users also asked, what is the average compensation for housing disrepair? The average compensation for a house in disrepair is about 25% to 50% of the rental amount. In extreme cases, you can get up to 100% compensation.

    The amount of money you could receive depends on what repairs are needed; more complex repairs may result in higher compensations. Normally, depending on your case, you could be entitled to compensation from £100-£1000. You might get even more depending on the potential losses or damages incurred due to disrepair.

    Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd is here to help! Our team has vast knowledge and experience working with these types of claims and can provide the advice you need. We would also work with the landlords and agencies to resolve the issue without taking any legal action. But if necessary, we will take every possible action to compensate for the claim. So get in touch today.

  • What is the limitation for a disrepair claim?

    There is a time limitation for the HDR claims compensation. You can only file a claim within six years for the repairs or maintenance of the accommodation. After that, you cannot claim housing disrepair from private landlords or housing councils.

    For filing a successful claim, you will need the help of our housing disrepair solicitors, no win, no fee. We will help you get your rented accommodation repaired and claim compensation.

  • How long does a housing disrepair claim take?

    Home disrepair claims can take months or years. It will depend on the case and solicitors. If the case is simple and the solicitor is capable, it may take a month or two. Otherwise, it can take years to win the case.

    Therefore, you can get our housing disrepair solicitors’ legal aid to speed up the process. We have worked for a decade and know how to handle complex house disrepair claims. Our housing disrepair team will help you get the compensation immediately.


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