No Win No Fee Dog Bite Claims in London

Are you looking for a dog bite compensation claim near me? Couldn’t find any reliable dog bite solicitors in London? Vintage Claims Management Group provides no win no fee dog bite claims in London.

Our dog solicitors have the expertise to deal with claims of any severity. We have been claiming these claims for a decade. Our experts helped many get injured by dog bites. Therefore, we can guide you through the process and also gets the maximum claim compensation for you.

According to the studies, nearly 10,000 dog attacks are reported yearly in the UK. Therefore, the number of dog bite compensation claims is rising daily.

Getting bitten by a dog can be terrifying and painful. It may leave you with severe physical injury along with financial loss. Therefore, you need a solicitor to claim compensation to cover your financial side. Our dog attack solicitors have experience in compensating claims for our clients.

If you are suffering from a dog attack, you may be entitled to claim compensation. You can make a claim within three years, or if you are under 18, you can claim any time before your 21st birthday. Therefore, you need solicitors who are experts in animal injury cases to get maximum compensation from your claim.

Our professional solicitors are well aware of dog attack law and can provide you with the best guidelines and support. Also, we provide the no win no fee dog bite claims compensation services on a No Win No Fee basis. Therefore, contact us today to get our assistance to secure the compensation you deserve.


  • We make dog bite claims convenient for you.
  • We have friendly and professional solicitors.
  • We handle a wide range of dog bite insurance claims.
  • We can get maximum compensation for a dog bite injury claim.
  • We provide compensation services on a Win No Fee basis.

We Provide Dog Bite Compensation Claims Services In

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Notingham
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle upon Tyne


  • How much compensation will I get for a dog bite UK?

    The amount you can get from a dog attack in the UK depends on your case. To get an exact payout idea for your case, call (075) 2069 3242. The dog bite specialists of Vintage Claims Management Group will guide you on how much compensation you can get.

    However, the average payout for dog bite UK for minor injuries is up to £4,800. You can get compensation of up to £7,500 for losing the part of your finger. If you lose your hand, you can get compensation of around £60,000.

  • How to get compensated for a dog bite claim with no insurance?

    A dog bite claim no insurance claim is a common issue in the UK. Many don’t know how to claim in such conditions. They thought they couldn’t claim in such a condition. But here are the best solutions to claim in similar cases.

    • It can fall into the personal injury claim. If you got bitten by a dog in an organization.
    • You can also claim for a house insurance claim if a dog owner has no pet insurance.

    Vintage Claims Management Group’s dog attack defence solicitors can guide you exclusively for your case.

  • How to get money for a dog bite?

    You can claim for compensation after being bitten by a dog. For this, you have to collect all the proofs. After collecting proofs, you have to claim against the dog owner’s pet insurance.

    In some cases, if got bitten by a dog in a public place, you will have to claim it as public liability claim. Therefore, before filing a claim, you must call (075) 2069 3242 to better understand your case.

  • What evidence do you need for a dog bite?

    To make a strong claim, you must have all the records as proof. These proofs include the date, time, owner details, dog breed, picture, videos, witness, and police report. All these are the evidence you need for the bite compensation claim.


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