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Pre-Action Protocols For Housing Disrepairs Claims

Pre-Action Protocols For Housing Disrepairs Claims

In this blog, we will go through Pre-Action Protocols For Housing Disrepairs. Being a citizen somewhere in England, one should know their rights. Especially the right to go for a claim.

This blog is for those who do not know what housing disrepair claims are. For those who do know about the claims but need more information to initiate one. Also, those seeking the best solicitors can carry on their claim on their behalf.

However, before diving into the topic, let’s have a quick overview of pre-action protocols. Also, when and why were they imposed? And what is disrepair in housing?

In 1999, protocols were established to ease the first phases of the lawsuit procedure. Pre-action protocols promote increased interaction between the parties at the earliest available opportunity. It promotes better and earlier sharing of details. This would help in attaining a fair settlement.

The exchange of information is set to ease the resolution of claims in time. As per Civil Procedure Rules, the court has the reign to impose pre-action procedures. Doing so is a time-saving component for both the parties and the court.

At current, eight protocols can be legally claimed.

  • construction and engineering disputes
  • Defamation
  • Personal injury
  • Clinical disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Judicial review
  • Disease and illness claims
  • Housing disrepair

Housing Disrepairs:

On the other hand, Housing Disrepairs are the basic repairs that your rented house or flat might need. Such repairs are necessary for you to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. Disrepairs include Faulty heating, Vegetation growth, Leaking roof, Damp and mould, Unsafe flooring & stairs, Vermin, Plumbing & Drainage problems, Rotting windows, and Damaged/worn brickwork.

Pre-Action Protocols For Housing Disrepairs Claims

Enough with the introduction. Let’s dive into our main topic, Pre-Action protocols for housing condition claims. Along with the overview, we will also address some issues. Prominent issues that victims of housing disrepairs frequently bring up.

The protocol is for unresolved cases. Such cases in which the landlord is well aware of the poor conditions of his property. When you get tired of your landlord, you can make a run for a housing disrepair claim.

But remember, notifying the owner before going for a claim is mandatory, However, a tenant must keep one thing in mind, which is that they have to initiate the claim within 6 years of the notice.

Before filing a claim, the court expects the parties to follow these protocols. It provides a framework for parties to try to resolve issues appropriately.

Once the claim reaches the court, it expects both parties to have already followed the protocols as much as they could. The court can order parties who violate the Protocol to pay costs or face other sanctions.

Here are some most frequent queries, along with detailed answers, that housing disrepair victims usually come up with.

Housing Disrepairs claims criteria:

The claim’s eligibility criteria rely on the following points:

  • The seriousness of the disrepair.
  • The effect of the disrepair on your home and your daily lives.
  • The length of time the property has been in a state of disrepair.
  • How many times have you reported the repairs needed to your landlord?

The value of housing disrepair compensation:

Once the claim gets approved and the court rules in favour, the claimant will receive a percentage of the rent. A percentage of the amount will be calculated from the total the tenant has paid in terms of rent. The amount when the tenant was facing issues will only be considered, and out of which, a specific percentage will be refunded.

Total time from claiming to being compensated:

Every claim takes its specific period depending on the number of disrepairs. Usually, it takes a couple of months to get the required compensation.

Withholding rent:

It is obvious that no one would willingly pay rent for a place with disrepair issues. However, even if your landlord is not taking the initiative, you still have to pay rent on time. There is no option for withholding rent till you are a residing tenant.

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