Public Transport Accident claim 

When riding on public transport, you expect it to be a safe experience, whether coming from work, going to the park with your children, or just travelling for fun. Unfortunately, there can be instances where you encounter an avoidable public accident. Safety measures are strictly followed when the driver is driving a public transport vehicle. Failing to do so or showing negligence can result in a liability claim.

There are many people having accidents each day, with a reported 130,000 casualties each year. If you have been injured on public transport due to at-fault negligence, you can claim compensation for yourself or your loved ones.

Vintage Claims specialises in public transport claims. Whether you’ve been injured in a bus accident, train, tram, or ferry, our service begins with a no-obligation review of your claim. Contact us now to have our solicitors work on a No-Win, No-Fee basis.

Public Transport Accident Compensation

The majority of public traffic claims happen on buses and trains. In these instances, misconduct from the staff and accidents resulting in severe injuries are grounds for liability in claim cases. All public transport staff have a legal obligation to keep everything in check, provide adequate behavior, and have staff receive proper training in emergencies.

Public transport operators, whether bus drivers, train conductors, or ferry consultants, have a strict obligation to ensure the care of all passengers. If they breach that duty of care, compensation for the injuries and damage is awarded to refurbish the costs.

Generally, all claims have a three-year time limitation from the day they discovered their injuries. The compensation amounts are based on factors involved in the accident, such as negligence, injuries, pain, and suffering caused.

Public Transport Law in the UK

The Occupiers’ Liability Act

Public transport workers must comply with the laws defined in The Occupiers’ Liability Act. It is in place to ensure that the travelling experience doesn’t get hampered by breach of duty care and accidents from negligence. If you are one of the many individuals experiencing harm because someone made a mistake, you can file a claim against them.

Every transport company in the UK must have strict regulations for their vehicles, trains, and transport. Failing to meet even the basic standards and multiple health and safety violations will result in harsh penalties in the form of liability compensation.

Vintage Claims offers complete public transport claim solutions, whether it be evaluating your compensation or filing a claim. We take over the bulk of the obstacles, ensuring a smooth process. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about your case.

Injuries from public traffic accidents

Injuries can range from a variety of types, sometimes serious harm, but mostly minor and severe injuries are sustained. The factor of severity in injuries will result in calculating your compensation. The more severe the damage, the more payout you are entitled to.

Common injuries from transport accidents are:

  • Head Injuries
  • Brain Damage
  • Eye Harm
  • Broken Bones
  • Leg and Thigh Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Arm and Elbow Injuries
  • Whiplash and Neck Injuries
  • Psychological Damage (Trauma and PTSD)

Examples of injury causes are:

  • Slip, Trip and Fall from bus stairs
  • Bus accident injury
  • Passenger misconduct damages
  • Staff misbehaviour resulting in injuries
  • Damages seats and tables in train
  • Glass break from negligence
  • Whiplash in a road traffic accident

Our team is ready to support you, regardless of how the accident occurred. We specialise in No-Win, No-Fee claim cases, meaning there are no additional fees following the initialization of your claim. Know more about your rights by calling us directly today.

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When do I file a claim for a bus accident

You might be able to sue the bus company for compensation if you were hurt by one of their vehicles without any fault of your own. Buses can be hectic places, with passengers getting on and off and drivers trying to stick to schedules, which can occasionally result in accidents.

Bus rides aren’t always the most comfortable form of public transportation. Accidents happen as you’re walking to your seat, for example, if the car pulls away too fast and you can’t grab onto a handrail in time to find a seat. In addition, accidents involving slips and falls due to spills that aren’t cleaned up can result in injuries.

You can sustain injuries when seated as well. If a driver brakes too quickly or drives erratically, you could be ejected from your seat or strike your head on the seat in front if seat belts are not legally required. If you get whiplash, you may also file a claim.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable, no-win, no-fee solicitors right now to find out if you qualify for a claim.

Average Payout in Public Traffic Accident Claims in the UK

As mentioned, many factors affect the final compensation payout for the claim. Each claim case is unique, as the circumstances behind the injuries can differ for every situation. The calculation depends on the loss of amenities, injuries sustained, and financial impact.

There are two categories for damage compensation:

  • General Damages: Relates to any injury or bodily harm you get as a direct result of negligence.
  • Special Damages: Describes the impacts, such as needed private healthcare, trauma therapy, lifestyle change, and any compensation for other damages.

General damage amounts to compensation directly resulting from the injuries. The figures for the average payout in public traffic accidents depend on the body type, such as £2,000 for minor head injuries, £15,000 for any severe damage, £26,000 relating to spinal injuries, and £99,000 for amputation of a limb.

These figures are not exhaustive and may differ for each case. Special damages are counted separately. Thus, there’s no set amount of compensation payout. However, the factors that can affect the refurbishment for special damages are listed below:

  • Future medical healthcare.
  • Wage and income loss.
  • Home and work change.
  • Out-of-pocket expenditures.
  • Injuries from staff negligence.
  • Court fees and proceedings (if needed).

Evidence needed to support Public transport claim

The claims cases are supported by evidence showing how you were injured in a public traffic accident and proving your no-fault stance. Gathering the required proof might take time; however, our solicitors will do their best to gather as much as possible.

Our team will blame the at-fault party responsible (worker, individual, or organisation) and have them compensate you for your damage. We will start gathering evidence related to the following:

  • Time and Location details
  • Witness statements, contact information, and reports
  • Bus driver information, accidents, and police reports.
  • Photographic or video evidence indicating the incident
  • Eyewitnesses present in the accident
  • Medical details and records for the care

Time Limit for making a compensation claim

Taking action within the time limit allows you to secure early compensation and ensure your financial security. Under the Limitation Act, all public accident claims have a period of three years within their discovery date. When you are looking to make a claim, you should know that if three years have passed, you might be unable to get compensation for injuries.

However, there can be certain exceptions:

If your child was injured in the accident, you can claim their compensation by acting as a Ligation friend“. The child can file for refurbishment until their 21st Birthday. That’s only possible if they turn 18 years old and look to make a claim.

Another instance is if the resulting injuries bring on several physical disabilities, rendering them mentally incapable of the claim proceedings. The limitation period is extended until they recover from their brain injuries. However, if they sustained any severe and permanent brain damage, the limitation period would be completely voided instead.

If your child or loved one encountered an accident due to public traffic negligence, we recommend you start the claim immediately. Having fresh memories can result in a solid foundation for the case.

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When can I make a bus accident claim?

Bus travel is considered a comfortable ride back home or somewhere you’d like to go. Bus travel is popular; in fact, many people prefer bus travel over other public transport due to ease of access and secure ride transportation.

However, even though buses are not safe from accidents, if simple negligence or mistake by the driver happens, severe injuries and damage to the passenger can result. The duty of care heavily falls on the worker driver, and failing to adhere to that standard results in heavy compensation penalties.

You can claim compensation if:

  • If the driver pulls too quickly when you are going to the seat,.
  • If the seatbelt breaks due to a sudden stop and causes injuries to the head, arms, whiplash, and legs.
  • If you cannot find a handrail in case the bus moves too quickly,.
  • If the driver’s negligence caused an accident on the exit stairs and doors, such as getting your hand stuck,.
  • If a passenger misbehaves and has terrible conduct,.
  • If the driver has trouble driving appropriately, the bus may hit a vehicle or object.

When can I make a train accident claim?

Similarly, trains are an alternative method for long-distance travel. Just like buses, trains have comfortable rides designed to give passengers ease of transport. However, even trains encounter accidents due to working staff’s fault or a train driver accidentally hitting an object.

You can also claim compensation if the train design fault leads to falling objects and suitcases, insufficient gap warning between doors, and spillage from staff resulting in slip, trip, and fall injuries. Every staff member of the rail network has the primary duty to address passenger’s problems and provide adequate care. A breach of this duty can lead to litigation for expense costs.

Many train accidents happen because of poor train shafts, rails, and box maintenance. You can claim compensation if:

  • Faulty train doors lead to injuries
  • Insufficient gap warning between train platforms
  • Uneven, wet or slippery flooring
  • Objects falling from luggage racks
  • Ticket barriers are faulty
  • Seats were having problems, leading to cuts.

How long will my public transport claim take?

Usually, it takes around three months to a year to settle public transport compensation. The complexities and factors regarding the case, such as liability disputes, injuries suffered, and court procedures, all affect the duration of the case.

If you need help filing for compensation for a public road accident claim, we can help you out. Our team can assess the damage and provide you with expertly guided recommendations for your claim.

We can ensure that your claim method is as smooth as you want, ensuring there are no hassles in between. Start your legal venture with us today to learn more about your case.


No-Win, No-Fee Claim

Looking for complete legal representation from start to finish? We provide our legal services for public transport accident claims on a no-win, no-fee basis, so even if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t be charged anything.

Our team has obtained a higher settlement than the insurer’s initial offer in over 96% of the situations. We offer total representation for complete financial stability. Start with Vintage Claims to learn more about your rights.

Public Transport Accident Claims Process

You can initiate the compensation process when you are injured on public transport due to someone’s carelessness. First, call our expertly trained staff to handle your situation and assess the compensation you can receive. We will examine the injuries, severity, suffering, and amenity loss.

After evaluating the expenses, we will gather the required evidence—witness testimonies, accident reports, and any other proof that can substantiate your claim. Our team will aim to establish a no-fault stance and have the liable party claim the damages.


Letter of Claim

Thus, we will send an official letter of claim to the at-fault party, letting them know about the liability claim against them and waiting for their response. Any information must be disclosed to the at-fault party for secure and transparent communication before we close on official proceedings.

If they admit the liability of the case and seek to settle for compensation, our team will negotiate on your behalf and resolve it in the amount you feel comfortable with. Once the agreement is established, you will be rewarded with agreed-upon compensation, and we will take a small percentage fee, which would be in accordance with the CFA or No-Win, No-Fee claim basis.

However, if they fail to respond within a couple of months or they dismiss the liability and choose to dispute it, our team will seek litigation through the court with the aim of settlement. We will present the relevant evidence in front of a judge or jury, and our team will look forward to having your rights represented and receiving the entitlement you deserve.



In the case of both, the general damages will get compensated, along with the quantification of special damages that are awarded based on interim yearly payments. The at-fault insurer has strict obligations to provide you with special damage coverage.

Additional things relating to wage loss, lifestyle changes, or anything impacting your life are compensated accordingly. You can inform our solicitors of any further accommodations you must make should the need arise.

Vintage Claims makes it super easy for you to file a claim. Need help with understanding the legal proceedings? Let our brute force handle everything. You just have to enjoy the time with your family while we take care of the claim process.

Public transport accident compensation claim amounts

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Head Minor £1,880.00 to £10,890.00 Covers head injuries that heal in a matter of weeks. Increased compensation in-case headaches are present.
Head Moderate £13,430.00 to £112,130.00 Symptoms include depression, attention problems, increased or decreased risk of epileptic episodes, mild personality changes, more severe intellectual impairment, or injuries or symptoms that put a state of unconsciousness.
Head Serious £186,890.00 £240,590.00 Involves shortened life expectancy, severe medical symptoms, significant alterations in personality or intellect, and extreme reliance on others owing to paralysis or other conditions.
Head Severe £240,590.00 to £344,640.00 Covers the following conditions: severe impairment, brain damage with little to no response, minimally conscious state (life expectancy less than 15 years), and states of unconsciousness requiring full-time nursing care.
Eye Severe £56,080.00to £229,260.00 Either severe vision impairment in one or both eyes, or complete blindness in one or both eyes.
Face Minor £1,460.00 to £7,460.00 There may be some facial scars, if there are no breaks, one or both front teeth lost or damaged, or minor nose or jaw fractures with a chance of full recovery.
Face Serious £15,320.00 to £26,010.00 More serious fractures, such as a broken nose or jaw, or several teeth shattered, damaged, or lost.
Face Severe £26,010.00 to £38,850.00 Severe wounds that left the victim with scars, many fractured jaws, persistent toothache, and facial disfigurement. May result in dietary limitations or an increased risk of arthritis in the joints.
Ear / hearing Minor Up to £5,980.00 Possible hearing loss caused by noise (NIHL), mild to moderate tinnitus on occasion.
Ear / hearing Moderate £12,700.00 to £25,350.00 Slight to severe tinnitus or partial hearing loss.
Ear / hearing Serious £25,350.00 to £38,850.00 Total deafness in one of the ears. Additional symptoms (e.g. dizziness, tinnitus, etc.) influence severity.
Ear / hearing Severe £77,430.00 to £120,040.00 Total loss of hearing in both ears. Greater compensation for childhood accidents that cause speech impairments as well.

Public transport accident compensation amounts for back, neck, shoulders and upper body injuries

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Neck Minor Up to £6,680.00 Whiplash or soft tissue injuries that heal in three to twenty-four months. Factors affecting compensation include the degree of discomfort and the extent of impairment to daily functioning.
Neck Moderate £7,410.00 to £47,760.00 Include fractures or dislocations that resulted in permanent or recurrent discomfort, disc lesions, cervical spondylosis, significant mobility limitation, and traumas that accelerated a pre-existing condition.
Neck Severe £56,100.00 to £139,210.00 Serious soft tissue injuries, disc damage, persistent pain syndromes, severe fractures, partial paraplegia, or a major, lifelong impairment.
Back Minor £2,090.00 to £10,670.00 Comprises minor soft tissue injuries, disc prolapses, sprains, and strains. Recuperation lasts three months to five years.
Back Moderate £11,730.00 to £26,050.00 Consists of spinal fusion, lumbar spine fractures or compressions (which may increase the risk of osteoarthritis and chronic pain), prolapsed discs, various injuries that may necessitate surgery, and the aggravation or worsening of a pre-existing back problem.
Back Severe £36,390.00 to £151,070.00 Usually necessitates surgery. A few examples of injuries are disc lesions, arthritis, lost bladder and/or bowel function, damaged spinal cords, partial paralysis, and psychological problems.
Shoulder Minor Up to £6,730.00 Painful damage to soft tissue. Complete healing in three to twenty-four months.
Shoulder Serious £10,890.00 to £16,380.00 Surgery is required for a fractured clavicle, rotator cuff, or humerus.
Shoulder Severe £16,380.00 to £40,970.00 Significant impairment brought on by serious brachial plexus or neck injuries.
Pelvis & hips Minor £3,370.00 to £10,750.00 Full recuperation following mild injury to soft tissues. Few or nonexistent disabilities after two years.
Pelvis & hips Moderate £10,750.00 to £33,430.00 No significant impairment, but includes injuries necessitating hip replacements or procedures (or either in the future).
Pelvis & hips Severe £33,430.00 to £111,690.00 Severe hip or pelvic fractures that increase the risk of more surgery in the future, cause bowel injury or spinal fusion, or complicate childbirth.
Scarring (not facial) Minor £2,020.00 to £7,380.00 One obvious scar or multiple conspicuous but ugly superficial scars on the hands, arms, or legs.
Scarring (not facial) Moderate Up to £7,380.00 Complete recovery in two years, or up to a partially disabled state with manageable symptoms.
Scarring (not facial) Severe £6,680.00 to £19,390.00 A single disfiguring scar or multiple visible laceration scars.

Public transport accident compensation amounts for arm, hand, and finger injuries

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Arm Mild £5,630.00 to £16,380.00 Fractured forearm.
Arm Moderate £16,380.00 to £33,430.00 Severe arm damage resulting in chronic problems.
Arm Serious £33,430.00 to £111,690.00 Serious impairment that leaves the affected arm or arms partially immobile. Does not cause amputation to occur.
Arm Severe £82,040.00 to £255,930.00 One or both arms removed as a result. The amount of compensation will vary depending on the part that was amputated, whether or not phantom pain is felt, and other factors affecting the quality of life.
Elbow Moderate Up to £10,750.00 Includes deep cuts, straightforward fractures, tennis elbow, and little long-term harm.
Elbow Serious £13,360.00 to £27,320.00 Causes limited range of motion but does not result in impairment or the need for surgery.
Elbow Severe £33,430.00 to £46,780.00 Serious impairments from injuries necessitate surgery.
Wrist Moderate Up to £8,740.00 Simple fractures of the collarbone or small, non-displaced fractures that heal in one to two years. May involve applying plasters.
Wrist Serious £10,750.00 to £20,900.00 A broken wrist or soft tissue injury resulting in a lifelong handicap.
Wrist Severe £20,900.00to £51,070.00. Significant irreversible impairment or total loss of wrist function.
Hand Minor Up to £4,050.00 Includes coverage for soft tissue injuries (healing within 6 months), lacerations, and crush injuries.
Hand Moderate £4,780.00 to £11,330.00 Covers deeper cuts and soft tissue injury that results in hand handicap (may require surgery), as well as penetrating wounds and crush injuries that cause persistent but non-intrusive discomfort.
Hand Severe £24,740.00 to £171,920.00 Involves amputation of one or both hands (or, alternatively, amputation of multiple fingers rendering the hand nearly useless) and reconnection of several fingers, resulting in a clawed, crippled, or unattractive hand.
Finger Minor Up to £4,055.00 Consists of: broken finger bones that have healed entirely (in less than a year), with or without minimal scarring.
Finger Moderate £3,370.00 to £5,000.00 Consists of: full (or almost full) recovery from a finger break; amputation; or loss of a portion of the little finger.
Finger Severe £10,380.00 to £31,350.00 Involves fractures to the index finger and total amputation of one or more fingers. The amount of pain and incapacity determines compensation.
Thumb Minor Up to £4,055.00 Severe, transient discomfort resolved in three months.
Thumb Moderate £3,370.00 to £10,750.00 Includes thumb abnormalities that are cosmetic in nature, nerve or tendon injury that results in a partial loss of sensation, and fractures that heal in less than six months.
Thumb Severe £10,750.00 to £46,780.00 Thumb amputation, either partial or total, surgical wire implantations, nerve injury, fractures, and loss of grip strength.

Public transport accident compensation amounts for leg and foot injuries

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Leg Minor £7,780.00 to £12,010.00 Small wounds that heal in a few months, such as cuts, bruises, contusions, and soft tissue injuries. slightly more serious wounds, including straightforward femur, tibia, or fibula fractures
Leg Moderate £15,320.00 to £46,780.00 Small fractures that heal partially, severe soft tissue damage, injuries to one leg (such as fractures, trauma, or breakage), injuries to ligaments, and compound fractures that almost certainly result in instability or arthritis.
Leg Severe £46,780.00 to £240,590.00 Severe wounds that require bone grafting, substantial degloving, permanent mobility reduction, or amputation of one or both legs (above or below the knee).
Knee Minor Up to £11,730.00 Includes cuts, bruises that cause pain or discomfort, twisted knees, soft tissue injuries (which heal in a few months), and other injuries.
Knee Moderate £22,340.00 to £37,070.00 These include severe injuries to the kneecaps, ligaments, or muscles; dislocation; a torn meniscus; and accelerated injuries (over a period of years) that cause persistent pain or discomfort.
Knee Severe £44,470.00 to £82,080.00 Includes significant impairment, ongoing discomfort, and muscle atrophy. Greater compensation in the event that an injury or procedure lowers quality of life.
Ankle Minor Up to £11,730.00 Smaller fractures without any displacement of bone. Sprains and ligament injuries (which probably leave scars) are examples. Less severe wounds may heal completely and scar-free in a year or less.
Ankle Moderate £11,730.00 to £42,710.00 Includes fractures and tears in the ligaments that cause minor impairments when standing or moving. Higher chance of developing osteoarthritis. Casting or operation required. May make one unable to work or necessitate the use of special shoes.
Ankle Severe £42,710.00 to £59,480.00 Severe damage that could eventually lead to the amputation of the affected body part or to abnormalities and disabilities.
Achilles Minor £6,200.00 to £10,750.00 Minor instability brought on by injury to the tendon surrounding the ankle. In certain more serious cases, scarring may occur.
Achilles Moderate £10,750.00 to £17,970.00 A partially ruptured tendon and more severe damage. Severe occurrences typically result in permanent scarring and/or impairment.
Achilles Severe £21,320.00to £32,780.00 Movement of the ankle is restricted as a result of muscle tissue severing. Little chance of limp and remaining scarring getting better.
Foot Minor Up to £11,730.00 Consists of: small fractures, cuts, or contusions (that heal fully in two years), torn ligaments, or other puncture wounds that cause long-term discomfort or a limp.
Foot Moderate £11,730.00 to £59,730.00 Includes: both heel fractures, limited mobility, degloving, heel fusion, and metatarsal fractures that result in a permanent deformity and persistent pain.
Foot Severe £71,640.00 to £171,920.00 Damage requiring the amputation of one or both feet, or traumatic forefoot amputation (to avoid total amputation).
Toe Minor Up to £8,190.00 One or more fractured toenails, with different times needed to heal. Payment is contingent upon the occurrence of chronic symptoms and the rate of healing.
Toe Moderate £8,190.00 to £11,730.00 A lasting handicap, multiple fractures, and crush damage to two or more toes. Possibly involved unsuccessful previous operations.
Toe Severe £11,730.00 to £47,830.00 Significant crush injuries resulting in partial or total amputation of one or two toes (except the big toe), all toes, or the big toe.

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  • Can you get compensation for a bus accident in London?

    London bus accident claims compensation can be possible. You can only file the claim if you got an injury and it wasn’t your fault. This compensation will cover all your financial losses and expenses. These expenses include short and long-term medical expenses.

  • What to do if you get injured on a bus?

    The bus company must make ensure the safety of passengers. If you got injured on a bus, you can file a claim for compensation against the bus company. This compensation will cover all your medical expenses.

  • How much compensation for a bus accident?

    The amount of compensation depends on the type of injury. If you got a severe injury, the compensation will be higher, up to £1 million. The average settlement for bus accidents UK will be around £1500 to £3,000.

  • Can I claim whiplash from a bus in Manchester?

    You can claim for any injury, including the brain and whiplash injury from a bus in Manchester. The amount of compensation will depend on the damage you receive in the form of injury. It will also include mental and physical injury.

  • Do bus drivers owe a duty of care?

    Bus drivers owe the exact nature of the duty of care as other drivers. They also owe the care of passengers and other people on the road. Therefore, you can expect care from the driver of public bus transport service. In case of failure, you can claim the compensation.


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