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Are you looking for a bus accident injury compensation claim in the UK? Couldn’t find any trusted public transport accident solicitors? Vintage Claims Management Group provides the most reliable claim compensation services. Our experts can handle the claim of any complexities. We will also do our best to get you maximum compensation for your claims. Contact our public transport solicitors in London today.

Many people are involved in public transport accidents daily in the UK. They don’t know they can claim compensation for their injuries. Many know they can claim but don’t know how to proceed.

It is necessary for public transport accident claims that it wasn’t your fault. The only condition that must be fulfilled is that you must be at no-fault. It would become difficult to file a compensation claim if it was your fault.


Do I need to hire solicitors for bus crash compensation?

If you are involved in a public transport accident in Manchester. Now you want public transport accident injury compensation claim. You can go to the insurance company or hire bus accident solicitors. Hiring a solicitor will be an easy way to proceed.

To make a solid claim, you must provide proof of the accident and injuries caused by the accident. These proofs include the videos, audio, and required documents. If you paid any medical bill, the bills will also be included in the proofs.

Now, we know how to claim for the accident due to the bus driver’s negligence. Another question arises, who will pay for the bus passenger accident claim in London? It is the duty of public transport companies or bus companies to ensure the safety of passengers. Therefore, bus or transportation companies’ insurance providers will compensate. You have to prove that it was their fault, not yours, to get successful claim compensation.

If you are looking for reliable solicitors for you to claim compensation? No need to look any further than us. Vintage Claims Management Group has a team of solicitors who can bring you the want you deserve. We will also make the claim compensation easy for you. Once you hire our experts, we will cover the rest for you. To start coach accident claims in London or Manchester, contact us now.


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    • Can you get compensation for a bus accident in London?

      London bus accident claims compensation can be possible. You can only file the claim if you got an injury and it wasn’t your fault. This compensation will cover all your financial losses and expenses. These expenses include short and long-term medical expenses.

    • What to do if you get injured on a bus?

      The bus company must make ensure the safety of passengers. If you got injured on a bus, you can file a claim for compensation against the bus company. This compensation will cover all your medical expenses.

    • How much compensation for a bus accident?

      The amount of compensation depends on the type of injury. If you got a severe injury, the compensation will be higher, up to £1 million. The average settlement for bus accidents UK will be around £1500 to £3,000.

    • Can I claim whiplash from a bus in Manchester?

      You can claim for any injury, including the brain and whiplash injury from a bus in Manchester. The amount of compensation will depend on the damage you receive in the form of injury. It will also include mental and physical injury.

    • Do bus drivers owe a duty of care?

      Bus drivers owe the exact nature of the duty of care as other drivers. They also owe the care of passengers and other people on the road. Therefore, you can expect care from the driver of public bus transport service. In case of failure, you can claim the compensation.

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