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A restaurant injury is a case of negligence on the part of the restaurant owner that results in bodily and psychological harm to individuals. Such injuries may include food poisoning due to substandard food, slips and falls, or sharp injuries. Our team provides exceptional services for restaurant injury claims, ensuring that clients receive appropriate compensation for their injuries.

If you have an injury or suffered food poisoning in a restaurant, you can claim compensation for the incurred financial losses. The owners or organisation managing the restaurant must keep the premises safe and the the food of a high standard. Failing to do so can result in the owner’s insurance company being liable to offset the costs in such cases.

We provide complete personal injury and restaurant compensation claim services to our clients. Our mission is to get the intended outcome our clients expect from their accident claims. Start your claim today with us.

Restaurant Injury Claim

Dining out at a restaurant is a pleasure enjoyed by many individuals and groups alike across Greater Britain. With a broad range of cuisines available, from Chinese and Indian to Italian and British, there is no shortage of options to suit diverse tastes and budgets. While the quality of food and service may vary, the vast majority of restaurant experiences are secure and conducted within the framework of laws and regulations that safeguard consumers.

Restaurant owners owe a duty of care to all their customers, visitors, and staff members, which means that there should be no unreasonable hazard of injuries and harm. These regulations mandate that restaurants meet health, safety, and hygiene standards, which are essential features of any establishment open to the public.

However, restaurants that breach this responsibility may be liable for accountability and accident cost compensation. Whether you have experienced food poisoning, a slip-and-fall accident due to a wet floor, or a burn caused by a waiter’s oversight, you may be eligible to file a No-Win, No-Fee claim for restaurant accidents.

Such claims enable affected individuals to seek compensation for their losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs stemming from the incident. If you have suffered any illness or injury as a result of no-fault negligence, you can contact one of our solicitors to evaluate the case and get a compensation figure.

Our area of expertise is filing compensation claims for personal accident claims, which can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal. We have represented numerous clients who have experienced injuries because of someone’s negligence.

Restaurant accident compensation

Different Types of Restaurant Accidents

Restaurant claims can come in many forms, ranging in severity from small injuries to severe accidents and spillages. The restaurant must have an obligation to keep you safe at all costs. Unfortunately, accidents are unpreventable, and some of the most common accidents are:

  • Obstructing objects claim
  • Food and drink accident claim
  • Furniture accident claim
  • Signs citation claim
  • Slips, trips and falls on wet stairs claim
  • Damp flooring in the restaurant claims

Effectively, any accident in the restaurant that caused injuries and suffering can be claimed for compensation. The success of the claim may depend on the witness testimony, CCTV footage, and restaurant-produced documentation. Contact our friendly team to learn more about your claim.

Restaurant Allergic Reaction Injuries

Allergic reactions happening from food and drink accidents may result in mild to somewhat severe symptoms such as rash skin and itchiness. If the symptoms turn serious, an illness such as Anaphylaxis can cause serious issues such as:

  • lightheadedness
  • itchy skin or red skin rash
  • swollen eyes, hands or feet
  • glands, mouth and tongue swelling
  • symptoms of pain, nausea and vomiting
  • collapse and consciousness loss

You can claim an allergic reaction accident claim if the injuries caused damage to your skin. If the restaurant didn’t publicise the possible allergic reactions present in the food or if a staff member’s negligence caused the injuries, the restaurant’s owner or management will be held accountable for the compensation.

Claim for Restaurant Slip on Wet Flooring

In the case the restaurant management fails to mandate and keep regulations in check, it is very possible that a case of slip and tripping can happen. Most slips, trips and falls do not occur until it is because of someone’s negligence, having an obvious risk of injury. One such case is bathroom slipcases, where any damp flooring can give rise to instances where individuals can get injured on slipping.

  • It happens because of negligence, water splashes over the floor;
  • Due to improperly adjusted wash bowl taps, flooring gets damped;
  • As such, spills or toilet leaks may occur at any time.
  • Resulting in hazards of slipping and getting injured

Even if the restaurant is likely to contest the liability of the toilets being badly maintained by showing and producing inspection or maintenance-related records, we can still prove that you were injured because of negligent spills to show that they have a broken system.

If the evidence presents that the toilets were kept in horrid and appalling conditions and were continuously allowed to get into such circumstances over an unreasonable period, then the chances of your compensation claim succeeding will be substantially greater. The important aspect of the case is gathering ample evidence to support your claim.

We have worked on many similar cases in the past; for example, we have represented clients who have fallen in both freshly and badly cleaned bathrooms in restaurants. One such case was where management, even despite their best efforts in maintaining a clean area and following the cleaning schedule appropriately, failed to have signage and citations around the alerting portions covered with dampness, resulting in restaurant injury claim compensation.

Once more, the methods and procedures of the restaurant will determine if your claim is successful or not. We would be happy to talk with you at any time possible about any claim. After having a nice chat together, we will be delighted to take your claim on a No-Win, No-Fee basis. Contact us so we can handle your accident claim.

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When you are claiming with Vintage Claims, you get unbounded and flexible legal guidance based on over a decade of experience. Uncertain about your claim or if you even want to make one?

Why not talk with us to confirm the validity of your claim? You can speak with us as long as you’d like. We will inform you of your legal rights at no cost and help you file a claim without any strings attached.


Types of Injuries in Resutrant Accident Claim

Every law regulates and sets out specific guidelines on different restaurant practices and environmental health standards. In the UK, the specific legislation that governs the area regarding safety measures is called The Occupiers’ Liability Act.

By setting the duty of care and enforcing the procedures regarding situations where liability is accounted for, it enforces the idea of well-being owed to the customers, individuals, and staff present in the restaurant. However, if the management of the restaurant fails to adhere to the restrictions set by the act, they can be held liable for the injuries and damages.

The cases for which they can be held accountable are:

  • Food poisoning
  • Teeth and mouth damage
  • Meals cause certain illnesses
  • Burn injuries from hot beverages
  • Spilling of liquid meant for drinking
  • Slip, trip and fall due to wet floors
  • Obstacles or flooring gatekeeping
  • Accidents due to poor lighting
  • Unregulated safety practices
  • Uneven flooring or staircases
  • Foreign Objects in tableware
  • Staff Misbehavior and disorderly conduct
  • Poorly maintained premises and facilities
  • Parking accidents from neglected grounds

The list of cases is not subjective to exhaustion, and there can be more claims made against the restaurant owner. No matter what type of accident, personal injury or illness you had to suffer, if you are not at fault for that, you could have a valid restaurant injury claim.

Claim for Burn Injury on Restaurant Premise

Staff can be negligent at times. No matter how small, there is always a chance that staff may drop hot food on individuals dining, possibly injuring them severely. The most obvious way to get hurt is from a spillage from a hot drink or soup, such as coffee or latte.

Burn injuries are dangerous; following the accident, you should get medical attention as soon as possible. Call Vintage Claims so we can bring your burn injury claim to light and get you the compensation you deserve.


Claim due to Poor Lighting in Restaurant 

Some restaurants can keep lights off for certain hours to create a relaxed atmosphere and a peaceful aura around the premises. However, if the lighting is too low, the dining individuals can experience stumbles colliding with objects such as tableware or walls.

The management team of the restaurant must make a balanced shift for a comfortable experience; negligence in lighting control may become a harsh reason for ligation and compensation. Slip, trip, and fall claims may arise if the lighting continues to be insufficient, and the risk of accidents can go up many times.

If someone was wounded by an object, then the individual may well have to sue the restaurant owner. Looking for a reliable legal team? Vintage Claims solicitors are trained exquisitely to handle these types of situations in many claims. Get in touch with us so that we can evaluate your claim and share our thoughts regarding the chances.

Why choose our Vintage Claim Specialists?

Completely No-Win-No-Fee

You can confidently contact us, knowing there will never be any financial risk when you file a claim. We never demand advance fees, handle all legal expenses, and only get paid when you do.

Settlements in advance

We are aware of the financial impact an accident might have on you. We always try to obtain an early reparation (interim) payment for you and your loved ones whenever possible in the future.

We can take on it

With offices in Newcastle, Manchester, Scotland and even London, we can take over your claim from another solicitor at any point. We have legal specialists for all kinds of accident and negligence claims.

Evidence needed to prove claim compensation 

Our claims cases are supported by evidence; the more reasonable proof we have, the easier it gets to process your claim. We intend to verify your no-fault stance through witness testimonies, accident reports, and photographic evidence.

Collecting the needed proof to make a solid defence and validate your case can take some time. Our solicitors work hard to gather as much as possible for your restaurant accident claim. Vintage Claims will ligate against the at-fault party responsible (worker, individual, or management) and have them compensate you for the injury in a restaurant along with the incurred harm.

We will start gathering evidence related to the following:

  • Accident Time and Location details
  • Statements from witnesses
  • Restaurant accident reports
  • Medical details and records
  • Pictures and CCTV footage
  • Receipts for incurred fees
  • Parking lot details (if applicable)

Kindly make every effort to obtain any of the above-mentioned proof as quickly as you can, even if it’s just the slightest amount of help. Every piece of evidence will corroborate the assertion of your rights and entitlements. Give our representatives a quick call on the phone to have them represent you as soon as possible.


Timelimit for a restaurant injury claim

When filing a personal injury claim from a restaurant accident, it is important to assume the time constraints that apply, ensuring early compensation. Specifically, claims relating to restaurant burn injuries and slipping accidents must be made within the first three years of the discovery of the damages, a date that starts from the day the injuries were assessed by a professional medical practitioner.

The Limitation Act states that the claimants have a time limit of approximately three years to initiate legal proceedings and receive a suitable entitlement for the claim. Failure to do so may result in the complete nullification of the case and therefore prevent claimants from obtaining the refurbishment. It is essentially recommended to commence the claim process as soon as possible.

However, some exceptions may apply:

For instance, if a child suffers injuries on restaurant premises, parents or guardians may claim compensation on their behalf by acting as a litigation friend.”. Alternatively, the child may initiate the claim before their 21st birthday, which is only possible if they turn 18 and want to make a claim.

Another unique case is if the resulting injuries resulted in psychological brain damage and rendered the individual mentally incapable. The limitation period will be extended until the injured victim recovers completely from the injuries. However, in the rare case of permanent disabilities along with other disorders, the limitation period is voided entirely.

When you are claiming for your child or loved one, our team can make the process many times easier for you. Vintage Claims can help you get back on your feet following a family member’s accident. Take advantage of your chance by calling us on the landline to learn more about your rights.

Trips, slips and falls in commercial kitchens are a major contributor to injuries sustained in the workplace.  A food service worker tripping on a curled up floor mat.

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We obtained a higher settlement than the insurer’s initial offer in 99% of the situations. Our team will look for early compensation for your financial security, so you won’t have to jump at a deal less than you’re legally entitled to.

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How can You Start a Restaurant Accident Claim?

It is crucial to take good measures at the start to ensure proper conservation of evidence, as it can streamline the compensation claim process significantly. The claim will be evaluated using the evidence, which can increase the likelihood that your claim will be successful.

Documentation of the accident is crucial, because if you fail to gather all the required information, the case may prove complex in certain instances. You should see legal advice from our reliable solicitors, followed by the collection of the necessary evidence to ensure a proper and successful claim.


Organising the evidence:

It is recommended to take pictures of any notable proof if you can, although this may not always be possible after a severe incident.

The meal, if there is a complaint about it, must be photographed to demonstrate the spill and potentially hazardous flaws, or even the menu, to ensure every inspection of the evidence. If there were any witnesses at the time of the accident, you must ask and gather their contact information and names to substantiate the claim.


Notifying the Restaurant:

You must report the accident officially. Report the issue to the management, if possible, and make a written follow-up that includes all known facts. Additionally, it is crucial to confirm that the restaurant’s accident book has records of injury-related details, along with keeping track of the exact date and time of the accident.

Restaurant mishaps are often justified by claiming that the customer was not present at the scene, so keeping phone records and receipts is vital. Every little piece of information can help provide a solid foundation for your case.


Getting the losses:

Noting down every cost and loss incurred due to the restaurant accident claim is important. As you go, please keep track of all the documentation so you can give it to our solicitor to include in your claim for the restaurant accident.

If you are in any doubt about whether the expenditure is recoverable as part of your accident injury claim, you can clarify the issue by consulting with our dedicated legal solicitors. For personal belongings, it can depend on the type of damaged item.

The all-around rule is that as long as the personal belongings are reasonable to claim for and flow according to the standards of the personal injury claim criteria, then they will be recoverable, although they are subject to liability dispute.

Average restaurant accident compensation amounts

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Head Minor £1,880.00 to £10,890.00 Covers head injuries that heal in a matter of weeks. Increased compensation in-case headaches are present.
Head Moderate £13,430.00 to £112,130.00 Symptoms include depression, attention problems, increased or decreased risk of epileptic episodes, mild personality changes, more severe intellectual impairment, or injuries or symptoms that put a state of unconsciousness.
Head Serious £186,890.00 £240,590.00 Involves shortened life expectancy, severe medical symptoms, significant alterations in personality or intellect, and extreme reliance on others owing to paralysis or other conditions.
Head Severe £240,590.00 to £344,640.00 Covers the following conditions: severe impairment, brain damage with little to no response, minimally conscious state (life expectancy less than 15 years), and states of unconsciousness requiring full-time nursing care.
Eye Severe £56,080.00to £229,260.00 Either severe vision impairment in one or both eyes, or complete blindness in one or both eyes.
Face Minor £1,460.00 to £7,460.00 There may be some facial scars, if there are no breaks, one or both front teeth lost or damaged, or minor nose or jaw fractures with a chance of full recovery.
Face Serious £15,320.00 to £26,010.00 More serious fractures, such as a broken nose or jaw, or several teeth shattered, damaged, or lost.
Face Severe £26,010.00 to £38,850.00 Severe wounds that left the victim with scars, many fractured jaws, persistent toothache, and facial disfigurement. May result in dietary limitations or an increased risk of arthritis in the joints.
Ear / hearing Minor Up to £5,980.00 Possible hearing loss caused by noise (NIHL), mild to moderate tinnitus on occasion.
Ear / hearing Moderate £12,700.00 to £25,350.00 Slight to severe tinnitus or partial hearing loss.
Ear / hearing Serious £25,350.00 to £38,850.00 Total deafness in one of the ears. Additional symptoms (e.g. dizziness, tinnitus, etc.) influence severity.
Ear / hearing Severe £77,430.00 to £120,040.00 Total loss of hearing in both ears. Greater compensation for childhood accidents that cause speech impairments as well.

Restaurant accident compensation amounts for back, neck, shoulders and upper body injuries

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Neck Minor Up to £6,680.00 Whiplash or soft tissue injuries that heal in three to twenty-four months. Factors affecting compensation include the degree of discomfort and the extent of impairment to daily functioning.
Neck Moderate £7,410.00 to £47,760.00 Include fractures or dislocations that resulted in permanent or recurrent discomfort, disc lesions, cervical spondylosis, significant mobility limitation, and traumas that accelerated a pre-existing condition.
Neck Severe £56,100.00 to £139,210.00 Serious soft tissue injuries, disc damage, persistent pain syndromes, severe fractures, partial paraplegia, or a major, lifelong impairment.
Back Minor £2,090.00 to £10,670.00 Comprises minor soft tissue injuries, disc prolapses, sprains, and strains. Recuperation lasts three months to five years.
Back Moderate £11,730.00 to £26,050.00 Consists of spinal fusion, lumbar spine fractures or compressions (which may increase the risk of osteoarthritis and chronic pain), prolapsed discs, various injuries that may necessitate surgery, and the aggravation or worsening of a pre-existing back problem.
Back Severe £36,390.00 to £151,070.00 Usually necessitates surgery. A few examples of injuries are disc lesions, arthritis, lost bladder and/or bowel function, damaged spinal cords, partial paralysis, and psychological problems.
Shoulder Minor Up to £6,730.00 Painful damage to soft tissue. Complete healing in three to twenty-four months.
Shoulder Serious £10,890.00 to £16,380.00 Surgery is required for a fractured clavicle, rotator cuff, or humerus.
Shoulder Severe £16,380.00 to £40,970.00 Significant impairment brought on by serious brachial plexus or neck injuries.
Pelvis & hips Minor £3,370.00 to £10,750.00 Full recuperation following mild injury to soft tissues. Few or nonexistent disabilities after two years.
Pelvis & hips Moderate £10,750.00 to £33,430.00 No significant impairment, but includes injuries necessitating hip replacements or procedures (or either in the future).
Pelvis & hips Severe £33,430.00 to £111,690.00 Severe hip or pelvic fractures that increase the risk of more surgery in the future, cause bowel injury or spinal fusion, or complicate childbirth.
Scarring (not facial) Minor £2,020.00 to £7,380.00 One obvious scar or multiple conspicuous but ugly superficial scars on the hands, arms, or legs.
Scarring (not facial) Moderate Up to £7,380.00 Complete recovery in two years, or up to a partially disabled state with manageable symptoms.
Scarring (not facial) Severe £6,680.00 to £19,390.00 A single disfiguring scar or multiple visible laceration scars.

Restaurant accident compensation amounts for arm, hand, and finger injuries

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Arm Mild £5,630.00 to £16,380.00 Fractured forearm.
Arm Moderate £16,380.00 to £33,430.00 Severe arm damage resulting in chronic problems.
Arm Serious £33,430.00 to £111,690.00 Serious impairment that leaves the affected arm or arms partially immobile. Does not cause amputation to occur.
Arm Severe £82,040.00 to £255,930.00 One or both arms removed as a result. The amount of compensation will vary depending on the part that was amputated, whether or not phantom pain is felt, and other factors affecting the quality of life.
Elbow Moderate Up to £10,750.00 Includes deep cuts, straightforward fractures, tennis elbow, and little long-term harm.
Elbow Serious £13,360.00 to £27,320.00 Causes limited range of motion but does not result in impairment or the need for surgery.
Elbow Severe £33,430.00 to £46,780.00 Serious impairments from injuries necessitate surgery.
Wrist Moderate Up to £8,740.00 Simple fractures of the collarbone or small, non-displaced fractures that heal in one to two years. May involve applying plasters.
Wrist Serious £10,750.00 to £20,900.00 A broken wrist or soft tissue injury resulting in a lifelong handicap.
Wrist Severe £20,900.00to £51,070.00. Significant irreversible impairment or total loss of wrist function.
Hand Minor Up to £4,050.00 Includes coverage for soft tissue injuries (healing within 6 months), lacerations, and crush injuries.
Hand Moderate £4,780.00 to £11,330.00 Covers deeper cuts and soft tissue injury that results in hand handicap (may require surgery), as well as penetrating wounds and crush injuries that cause persistent but non-intrusive discomfort.
Hand Severe £24,740.00 to £171,920.00 Involves amputation of one or both hands (or, alternatively, amputation of multiple fingers rendering the hand nearly useless) and reconnection of several fingers, resulting in a clawed, crippled, or unattractive hand.
Finger Minor Up to £4,055.00 Consists of: broken finger bones that have healed entirely (in less than a year), with or without minimal scarring.
Finger Moderate £3,370.00 to £5,000.00 Consists of: full (or almost full) recovery from a finger break; amputation; or loss of a portion of the little finger.
Finger Severe £10,380.00 to £31,350.00 Involves fractures to the index finger and total amputation of one or more fingers. The amount of pain and incapacity determines compensation.
Thumb Minor Up to £4,055.00 Severe, transient discomfort resolved in three months.
Thumb Moderate £3,370.00 to £10,750.00 Includes thumb abnormalities that are cosmetic in nature, nerve or tendon injury that results in a partial loss of sensation, and fractures that heal in less than six months.
Thumb Severe £10,750.00 to £46,780.00 Thumb amputation, either partial or total, surgical wire implantations, nerve injury, fractures, and loss of grip strength.

Restaurant accident compensation amounts for leg and foot injuries

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Leg Minor £7,780.00 to £12,010.00 Small wounds that heal in a few months, such as cuts, bruises, contusions, and soft tissue injuries. slightly more serious wounds, including straightforward femur, tibia, or fibula fractures
Leg Moderate £15,320.00 to £46,780.00 Small fractures that heal partially, severe soft tissue damage, injuries to one leg (such as fractures, trauma, or breakage), injuries to ligaments, and compound fractures that almost certainly result in instability or arthritis.
Leg Severe £46,780.00 to £240,590.00 Severe wounds that require bone grafting, substantial degloving, permanent mobility reduction, or amputation of one or both legs (above or below the knee).
Knee Minor Up to £11,730.00 Includes cuts, bruises that cause pain or discomfort, twisted knees, soft tissue injuries (which heal in a few months), and other injuries.
Knee Moderate £22,340.00 to £37,070.00 These include severe injuries to the kneecaps, ligaments, or muscles; dislocation; a torn meniscus; and accelerated injuries (over a period of years) that cause persistent pain or discomfort.
Knee Severe £44,470.00 to £82,080.00 Includes significant impairment, ongoing discomfort, and muscle atrophy. Greater compensation in the event that an injury or procedure lowers quality of life.
Ankle Minor Up to £11,730.00 Smaller fractures without any displacement of bone. Sprains and ligament injuries (which probably leave scars) are examples. Less severe wounds may heal completely and scar-free in a year or less.
Ankle Moderate £11,730.00 to £42,710.00 Includes fractures and tears in the ligaments that cause minor impairments when standing or moving. Higher chance of developing osteoarthritis. Casting or operation required. May make one unable to work or necessitate the use of special shoes.
Ankle Severe £42,710.00 to £59,480.00 Severe damage that could eventually lead to the amputation of the affected body part or to abnormalities and disabilities.
Achilles Minor £6,200.00 to £10,750.00 Minor instability brought on by injury to the tendon surrounding the ankle. In certain more serious cases, scarring may occur.
Achilles Moderate £10,750.00 to £17,970.00 A partially ruptured tendon and more severe damage. Severe occurrences typically result in permanent scarring and/or impairment.
Achilles Severe £21,320.00to £32,780.00 Movement of the ankle is restricted as a result of muscle tissue severing. Little chance of limp and remaining scarring getting better.
Foot Minor Up to £11,730.00 Consists of: small fractures, cuts, or contusions (that heal fully in two years), torn ligaments, or other puncture wounds that cause long-term discomfort or a limp.
Foot Moderate £11,730.00 to £59,730.00 Includes: both heel fractures, limited mobility, degloving, heel fusion, and metatarsal fractures that result in a permanent deformity and persistent pain.
Foot Severe £71,640.00 to £171,920.00 Damage requiring the amputation of one or both feet, or traumatic forefoot amputation (to avoid total amputation).
Toe Minor Up to £8,190.00 One or more fractured toenails, with different times needed to heal. Payment is contingent upon the occurrence of chronic symptoms and the rate of healing.
Toe Moderate £8,190.00 to £11,730.00 A lasting handicap, multiple fractures, and crush damage to two or more toes. Possibly involved unsuccessful previous operations.
Toe Severe £11,730.00 to £47,830.00 Significant crush injuries resulting in partial or total amputation of one or two toes (except the big toe), all toes, or the big toe.


  • How long after a restaurant accident can I claim?

    For regular claims, you can claim within three years after getting an injury. Similarly, for injury within the premises of a restaurant which was not your fault, you can claim within three years.

  • Can I claim compensation for an accident at a restaurant?

    You could claim compensation if you got injured within the restaurant’s premises, and not your fault. In such a case, you will be paid the compensation by the insurance company of the restaurant’s owner.

  • How much compensation do you get for a restaurant accident claim?

    The average compensation amount is £3000 – £25,000 for claims of an accident in a restaurant. But the price may vary from case to case. To ensure the maximum claim compensation, contact our expert restaurant claims solicitors.


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