Restaurant Accident Claims

Are you looking for personal injury restaurant compensation claims? Need help finding a restaurant accident solicitor in the UK? Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd provides the best restaurant injury claim services.


What is an example of negligence in a restaurant?

Any negligence by the restaurant owner which may result in any injury is called a restaurant injury. It may include food poisoning due to substandard food, slips and falls, sharp injuries etc.

If you got an injury or suffered food poisoning in a restaurant. Then you can claim compensation for your financial losses. However, the owners must keep the restaurant and its food safe. Therefore, the owner’s insurance company is liable for the compensation in such cases.

At Vamgltd, we provide restaurant accident claim compensation services to our clients. Our mission is to get the outcome our clients expect from their compensation claims.

We are the leading personal injury restaurant solicitors in the UK. Therefore, provide exceptional customer service along with the restaurant compensation claim. Furthermore, we charge on a No Win, No Fee basis. So you don’t need to worry about the charges because no financial risk is involved.


  • How long after a restaurant accident can I claim?

    For regular claims, you can claim within three years after getting an injury. Similarly, for injury within the premises of a restaurant which was not your fault, you can claim within three years.

  • Can I claim compensation for an accident at a restaurant?

    You could claim compensation if you got injured within the restaurant’s premises, and not your fault. In such a case, you will be paid the compensation by the insurance company of the restaurant’s owner.

  • How much compensation do you get for a restaurant accident claim?

    The average compensation amount is £3000 – £25,000 for claims of an accident in a restaurant. But the price may vary from case to case. To ensure the maximum claim compensation, contact our expert restaurant claims solicitors.


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