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10 Steps to Successfully Filing Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

10 Steps to Successfully Filing Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

What are RTA Claims? Introduction to Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Claims

Road traffic accidents, unfortunately, happen daily across the highways and roads of Greater Britain. Many people and families as a consequence of negligence suffer major injuries from at-fault parties. Sometimes, there might be little to no fault from the accident but you have to bear the costs involved with the road traffic accident.

In this article today, we will tell you what a road traffic accident claim is, how it’s beneficial and how you can claim one today on a total no-win, no-fee basis.

Road Traffic Accident Claims – What are they?

Every single accident on the road has a chance to cause major accident injuries which can result in fatal consequences. Even when you are just driving, riding or taking a stroll with your family, carelessness from the other side can be the result of a dangerous immediate situation.

In the case you suffer an RTA accident, you can only look forward to making a no-fault claim against the responsible party. The claim will allow you to get compensation for the injuries and suffering you or your loved one suffered as a result of direct negligence. We will make sure that your claim case is represented efficiently.

Importance of seeking compensation

Compensation allows you to cover costs related to medical expenses, amenity losses, wrongful death claims and future rehabilitation costs. You can also claim for general damages that can include any broken bones, blunt trauma and body damage.

If you suffered PTSD or any mental phobia because of the trauma from the road traffic accident, we can help you get compensation according to your requirements and needs. Any person with major brain damage is also quantified to cover their recovery expenses.

Common causes of RTA

Most types of RTAs are caused by negligence from a biker, car driver, mobile operator or even bicycle rider. These causes can bring devastating damage and suffering to the victim, making them bear large amounts of financial burdens and causing them to worry about amenity losses.

Covering expenses is a major downfall when it comes to RTAs. All road traffic accidents can induce deadly injuries and the medical costs involved can usually be in thousands of pounds. Common causes for serious road traffic accident claims are:

  • Complete Negligence from the driver
  • Highspeed Crashes from carelessness
  • Bad roadway conditions (The Highway Act Rights)
  • Breaking Traffic Rules
  • Unsafe Lane Changes
  • Pedestrian Accidents

Immediate actions to take after an RTA Accident

If you or your loved one encountered an accident, you can claim against the at-fault party to have them compensated for the damages. Start by first calling Vintage Claims and our team will immediately respond to any of your queries.

We will also look for any damage records such as car accident details, medical records, any wage loss and out-of-pocket expenses. If you have a police record of the accident, we will also use it to bolster your claim compensation amount.

Immediately calling Vintage Claims and local emergency authorities allows you to recover from any accident damage as soon as possible. We will help you get back on your feet without any compromise in the quality recovery.

You can also claim for future lifestyle changes and any continued suffering if you are claiming a later date. However, we would highly recommend you start your compensation as soon as possible.

Long-term implications of injuries

Injuries can vary from mild to serious and many of the compensation amounts depend on the type and severity of the injury you got. If you suffering any lingering mental trauma as a direct result of a road traffic accident, you can also claim for PTSD.

Head and body injuries are the most common in road traffic accidents, leading to fatal deaths in some severe cases. The wrong death can be the cause of a completely avoidable accident, in this case, you can get the right amount of entitlement you deserve as well as punish the at-fault party for this degree of negligence.

There are many long-term implications of injuries, many of which sadly cannot be recovered from even when we get the compensation for you. Our team does its best to get you back on track in your life without major damage and hassle. If a major impairment happens to obstacle your life, we will strictly ligate against the at-fault party to get the recompense at an earlier notice.

Brief overview of the process

Usually, the process starts with gathering the required testimonies, evidence, contact details and witness reports. People who were present at the scene of an accident may also help contribute to filing for claim compensation. You must also look for any photographic and video footage to help make a strong basis.

Firstly you contact us after getting the required evidence, we will estimate the losses on account of General and Special damages which can include almost all categories of suffering and harm. Our solicitors will then look towards highlighting the amount and send the claim letter to the at-fault party.

In case they respond, we will set up a predetermined meeting to discuss the terms, negotiate on your behalf and set up the facts to bolster your claim process. If the liability is disputed, we change to have your case represented in court instead.

There the judge or jury will give a judgement and you will be awarded compensation accordingly. Vintage Claims solicitors handle everything from legal paperwork to representation and guidance. We tell you all you need to know to make a successful claim.

10 Steps to Successfully Filing Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

Looking to make a road traffic accident compensation claim? Once you decide to claim for yourself using the no-fault basis, you are looking to increase your RTA claims. Here are about 10 steps you can take to file a successful accident claim.

  • Get their Contact Details
  • Get Testimonies and Evidence
  • Quantify your loss
  • Notify your Accident Party
  • Tell them about the Damage
  • Call Vintage Claim Solicitors
  • Send an official letter of claim
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Ligate against the at-fault party
  • Get compensated

1. Getting their Contact Details

Suppose you got hurt in an avoidable but unfortunate accident, you can claim compensation for the suffering, harm, injuries and damage you got from the ensuing mistake. All of the recompensation is handled directly by the at-fault party if you are not at fault for the accident.

Get all the party involved details and their specifics to contact them at a later date and notify them about your claim compensation.

You can also claim partially if you had some fault in the road traffic accident such as hitting the parked car or striking something while being careless due to some problem.

2. Get Testimonies and Evidence

After getting all the necessary details, try to look for the evidence from dash cam footage, testimonies, CCTV cameras and other noteworthy things you must be aware of.

If you cannot find any of the required evidence, you can call Vintage Claims and have us find the relevant evidence and testimonies for you. We can help you start a claim compensation without any hassles.

3. Quantify your loss

Once you gathered all the required evidence, look for the damages you got such as medical records of the injuries, suffering as well as any amenity and wage losses due to absence because of recovering from injuries.

You can also include any repair costs done to your car and you can hire our car accident repair and car accident recovery services. Any out-of-pocket expense is also quantified with our solicitors.

4. Notifying the accident party

You must notify the involved at-fault parties of the quantification of your loss, telling them about the compensation you are entitled to and looking for. All accidental parties involved must be notified as per the pre-action protocols of road traffic accidents.

5. Tell them about the Damage

The damage and the compensation you are looking for may involve costs related to personal injuries, suffering from broken bones and tissues, wage losses, the standard of living costs, expenses relating to medical redhibition and special damages including PTSD.

6. Call Vintage Claim Solicitors

Once you are done with everything or if you are unable to get the right amount of compensation entitlement, we can help you file a claim for yourself for absolutely no cost to you. Our solicitors work on a Contingency Fee Basis, meaning there’s a complete No-Win, No-Fee contract in agreement.

We only charge you a winning amount of settlement percentage once we win your case. The judge or the negotiation will let us get the legal fees covered and you will get the awarded compensation without any long financial burdens.

Our services won’t charge you in the chance we lose your case. We will negotiate on your behalf, handle all the legal paperwork and help you in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation possible.

7. Send an official Letter of Claim

After calling us, we will officially start the claim process for you. Our team of expert solicitors will validate your quantification of the losses and guide you on the legal framework for claim compensation. We will tell you the rights you have in a road traffic accident of no fault.

Our Vintage Claim solicitors will handle the claim on your behalf completely and will ligate against the at-fault party till the decision is made. We will start the claim process by first sending the official letter of claim highlighting the damages you got.

The letter of claim must be replied to by the at-fault party within 20-28 days, otherwise, we will go straight to the court and have your case represented in front of a judge or jury.

8. Schedule a meeting

Once we get the reply from the at-fault party, we will schedule a proper meeting to discuss the entitlement amount as well as provide relevant evidence to back up your claim. We will make sure that you get the maximum amount of compensation when working with us.

If the at-fault party agrees, you are awarded compensation and we will deduct the agreed-upon percentage from your total settlement. However, if the liability is disputed, we will take the case towards court which might take a long time but will have your case justified correctly by a judge or jury.

9. Ligating against the at-fault party

The case upon reaching the district court will have you get legal representation in a proper unified way. Our solicitors directly engage in litigation against the at-fault party’s legal team and fight for your rights. We will present the evidence required to back up your no-fault stance.

The jury or judge will award you with the necessary compensation and will consider other expenses such as any future rehabilitation or wrongful death because of negligence. All parties involved have a duty of care, breaching that with utmost carelessness can lead to harsh penalties from the judge or jury.

10. Getting compensation

Once you are settled for a compensation, you can cover for all expenses relating to a RTA claim. Vintage Claims allows you to successfully claim for yourself without having to worry about additional financial burden as well as any legal complexities.

We take care of everything to ensure a proper and smooth claim experience. Our solicitors work hard and tirelessly to obtain the relevant compensation for you.

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Road Traffic Insurance vs Claims Management Company – Which is better?

Many personal injury claims are handled by the right solicitors or insurers who provide relevant compensation entitlement to the victims of the no-fault accident claim. Almost all of the claim cases that are done by the negligence of the at-fault party are routed through the standard procedure of claiming with the insurance.

However, if you decide to claim with the insurance in a no-fault claim, you could risk getting compensation less than what you desire. Without professional guidance, never accept the first offer given to you, cause working with a solicitor allows you to have multiple options available.

In this article, we will discuss how much road traffic insurance is different from the claims management companies.

What exactly is a Claims Management Company?

A claims management company is a corporate entity that allows you to sue and ligate against the involved parties that are at fault for the road traffic accident. Claims management firms work in tandem with solicitors who get the cases on a complete no-win fee basis.

The solicitors will get your claim compensated and handle all the legal queries you have completely. Any obstacles that can be a problem in your processing of the compensation are dealt with effectively with the help of an experienced solicitor.

Many of the claims management companies prefer to look towards entirely no-fault cases, so they have the best chance of helping you get compensation and ensuring you have a smooth process in obtaining the necessary entitlement.

How does Road Traffic Insurance work in a fault case?

When you try to claim with road traffic insurance instead of a claims-handling company, your claim is instead verified as a normal case compensation which can lead to your no-fault stance being not recognized as well as future complications leading to bad experience.

Claiming compensation directly through the Road Traffic Insurance may also lead to increased premiums and you can lose your no-claim bonus. Many of the cases are routed through road traffic insurance anyway, that’s why we recommend you work together with a claims management company.

Vintage Claims promises that your claim is best handled with efficiency and care, bringing it to total fruition through hard work, evidence gathering and legal guidance. We will tell you your rights and all options that are available to you.

How does a Solicitor differ from a Claims handler?

A solicitor directly comes in line with the legal field, checking the updated legal landscape and keeping tabs in check with the cases. The solicitors are the legal practitioners who work on road traffic and other personal injury claims. They make the decisions and represent you in court thoroughly while providing evidence presented by the claims management company.

Claims Management companies refer potential customers and allow the victims of unfortunate accidents to claim compensation on their behalf completely without the need to wait on legal time and paperwork. They have solicitors allocated to work on their behalf, negotiating and coordinating with them so you can get the best out of your claim case.

Vintage Claims has many solicitors in association with us. By claiming directly with our team, we allow you to get started on claiming within just 15 minutes. We are available 24/7 for customised support, guidance and legal advice that we give for free on a complete no-win free consultation.

To start working with us, click on the form here today.

Who should you claim with?

Claiming directly from the road traffic insurance may lead to a subpar experience in comparison to claiming with solicitors and claims management companies. We make a bond with the customer’s representation to have them get the ligation they require, more often than not helping them get back on track.

We get a compensation amount 88% more than the initial offer made by Road Traffic Insurance and help you get a successful claim experience so you can just relax at home recovering from the injuries. Start your legal venture today by claiming with us at any time.


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