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Are you looking for the slip and trip claims compensation? Couldn’t find any tripping and slipping claims solicitors? Vintage Claims Management Group Ltd provides claims compensation services for tripping and falling.

Getting injured in a slip, trip, or fall accident at work can be painful and cause financial loss. If you find yourself in such a situation and it’s not your fault. Then, you can file a claim for compensation for your financial loss. Vamgltd provides our clients with slips, trips, and falls compensation claims services. We have a team of expert solicitors who can guide and support you so you can get what’s rightfully yours.

Our compensation solicitors are experts in slips, trips, and fall compensation claims. They can understand the complexity of your case. Furthermore, they can offer you the best slips compensation claims services in the UK. Therefore, you can get the compensation paid as soon as possible.


  • We aim to provide a professional service with a personal touch
  • Dedicated to dealing with claims for our clients
  • Our professional trip injury solicitors know how to handle a wide range of claims
  • Secure the maximum possible compensation for you

We Provide Slipping, Tripping & Falls Claims Services In

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Notingham
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle upon Tyne


  • How long after a fall can I claim?

    The time limit for filing the compensation claim is three years after you get injured. It means that the claim compensation process must start within three years. Contact our compensation solicitors for more details.

  • Can I claim compensation for a fall?

    You can claim compensation if you got injured by falling, and it was not your fault. If you win the claim, you will be paid by the insurance of the person at fault. Vamgltd provides guidelines and support for those who want compensation for their claims. Contact now for more details.

  • How much compensation do you get for a trip or fall?

    The average payout for a slip and fall in the UK is around £5,000 to £40,000. However, it may vary from case to case. To get maximum compensation for your claim, contact our solicitors now.


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