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Sue Housing Association for Negligence Due to Disrepair and Injury

Sue Housing Association for Negligence Due to Disrepair and Injury

There should be equal rights for all housing association tenants as well as private tenants. So now you can claim compensation against the Housing Association for Negligence due to Disrepair and Injury.

You are completely able to claim compensation if you are injured due to the negligence of the landlord. Suppose you are the tenants of a housing association, so you can also claim against them if they continuously ignore your rights.

First, you should tell them about this repair, and if they don’t pay heed to your rights and continuously delay the project of your home, then you can sue a claim against the housing association.

Surely, the tenant discussed with the housing association about the bad condition of the home.

Bad conditions of the home cover a wide variety of like dampness and mold, low-quality heat insulation, infections, and poor flooring and home appliances.

Yes, tenants can also claim the compensation amount for their damaged property and the bad impact on their lives due to the disruption.

Housing associations must ensure all safety requirements before giving the property to the tenants so that they don’t have to worry about any reason later. These are the basic needs of every tenant who lives in a safe and sound environment.

But if there are some minor issues regarding the living standard, then the housing association has the responsibility to resolve them as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the tenants have the right to file a case against the housing association because the housing association must be liable to pay for the compensation for the injuries.

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Unfair Treatment by Housing Association UK

The first goal of Housing associations should be that they check or inspect all living standards in a house. Or they are responsible for the living standard of the tenants. If the tenants are living in poor condition home, then the tenants could claim the compensation against the housing association. Poor condition home means include mold walls, poor heating insulation damaged boiler.

But in many cases, we see that there is unfair treatment by housing associations in the UK.

So that’s why our vintage claims solicitors are always there to protect your rights and health issues.

This is compulsory for the housing association. They ensure all aspects and living standards of the home. And they should check all the basic necessaries in the house before giving in to the hand of the tenant. The other responsibility of the housing association is that they make the repairs every year because the house needs maintenance every year.

When the tenant notices a problem in the house, the tenant should tell to the landlord. When the landlord is aware form the problem, then it’s his responsibility to solve the problem in a reasonable time.

According to the Housing Disrepair Protocol 2003 state that, the landlord will be bound to resolve the tenant’s house issue in 20 working days, and if in an emergency, then the landlord or housing association resolves the problem as soon as possible in the coming days. Failure to respond or initiate repairs can be grounds for claiming a housing defect.

A beautiful home turn into uninhabitable if there is heating issues or hot water issues in the home, and these are the most common problem in the UK that need solutions immediately.

A tenant can’t live for a long time in a house that has heating issues because these are the basic needs of a human. Without these basic needs, life will be gone in discomfort and disruption.

Continuously lack of heating issues or hot water can damage your precious health life. Excessive cold can be the cause of hypothermia and pneumonia. So it would help if you made the better decision immediately.

Housing disrepair claims can also relate to structural problems. Structural problems like roof leaks, broken windows, water drainage, or gutters issues. Damp and mold problems are so difficult for life.

Housing associations must check that all installations and services are in good working position. This is the responsibility of the owner that check all defects from time to time. These are the basic rights of the tenants.

There are more chances for higher compensation if your child is affected by the following:

  • Rodents
  • Pests
  • Carpet beetles
  • Bed bugs
  • cockroach

All these problems are due to the negligence of the landlord or housing association. Poor maintenance welcomes these issues. It is possible to hold a housing association liable for their actions. Housing associations are liable for the compensation of repair costs and the mainly physical or mental injury and other damage to personal Proprietary items, cost of alternative accommodation, time off work, and also medical expenses.


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