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Tenant Compensation For Inconvenience | Complete Guide!

Tenant Compensation For Inconvenience | Complete Guide!

Do you know as a tenant, you have many tenant laws that protect you from the inconvenience of living in a tattered, moulded Council House? You have the right to sue the Housing Association that is providing the inconvenience of ignoring your living standards and impeding your daily-to-do activities. In this blog, we shall shed some light on Tenant’s Rights and discuss what kind of compensation you can file against your Council Housing or Housing Association.

Also, you’ll know how much your housing disrepair claims compensation could be worth. First thing first, we will start with the rights that the law has provided to every tenant residing in the United Kingdom.

Rights Of A Tenant

  • Inhabitable condition of the house, flat or apartment.
  • Working water and heating system.
  • Mold and damp-free accommodations.
  • Rodent, vermin or insect infestation-free property.
  • Enough drainage channels to avoid flooding.
  • Have your deposit returned when the tenancy ends.
  • Challenge excessively high rents.
  • Know who your landlord is.
  • Live in the property conveniently.
  • Ask for an Energy Performance Certificate.
  • Protection from unlawful eviction and rent.
  • A written agreement of tenancy.

Tenant Compensation For Inconvenience

A tenant’s compensation for inconvenience and stress received from disrepairs usually is a handful. It completely depends on the seriousness of the issue claimed and all the disrepairs that can be claimed include cracks in the external walls, rotten window or door frames, internal walls plaster, broken & faulty gas boilers, leaking pipes, rotting floorboards, faulty electrics, loose slate/tiles on the roof, and, Vermin. However, it gets worse when it turns into a serious medical issue that haphazardly impedes your health.

For example, mould and dampness can be inconvenient for living. You may get compensation for it. However, if it has affected your books, woodwork, or paint, you will be entitled to a higher amount by default. Moreover, you may get higher compensation if it gives you medical issues like lung problems or mild breathing issues. Whether the damage is financial or medical, it can be claimed under “Pain, Suffering And Loss Of Amenities.”


How much compensation can you get for Housing Disrepair?

Depending on the nature, seriousness and effects on the tenant’s life, claimants may get a payout between £500 to £1+ million.

How much Compensation can you get for Damp and Mould in the UK?

Crack, damps, or mould can give you a lump sum payout starting from £1,440. However, the payout can increase if it causes severe medical issues. For instance, in case of sleep loss and interruptions in daily activities, you may get up to £5,500. In case of a severe issue like lung disease or mild breathing issues, you might get up to £65,000.

How much Compensation can you get for Heating issues?

Heating issues can provide you with a compensation amount ranging between £1500 to £15000. The amount depends on the amount of your rent that you pay on an annual basis. Depending on the case, you might get entitled to 25% to 50% of your annual rent.

How much Compensation can you get for Faulty Electrics?

Faulty Electrics can provide you with a payout starting from £1500. However, you may get up to £80,000 in case severe injuries result from faulty injuries.

How much Compensation can you get for a Faulty Boiler?

Compensation for Faulty Boilers starts from £500. The amount may rise to £8000 or above if it leads to minor or severe injuries or health issues.

How much Compensation can you get for Pests and Vermin?

If you file a claim against your landlord for pest & vermin compensation, you may receive up to £5000. The amount depends on the severity of pests and vermin.

How much Compensation can you get for Roof Leakage and slate Tiles?

Roof leakage and slate tiles can give you compensation starting from £3500, depending on the severity of the issue. However, if you get into any mild or severe injury due to it, you may be entitled to a payout of over £1+ million. Severe injuries from Roof Leakage & Slate Tiles include:

  • Brain Damage
  • Any injury that can potentially impact a person’s ability to work
  • Spinal injuries Injuries involving paralysis tetraplegia

How much is the tenant’s compensation for the inconvenience?

Stress or inconvenience gained by any disrepair can entitle you to a payout of a minimum of £500. It includes lack of sleep or psychotic issues.

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