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Searching for traumatic brain injury solicitors? Did you need help finding a reliable head injury solicitor in the UK? Our team can help you file a claim for a skull accident claim and gives you multiple options to follow with the best legal representation. We have a team of certified experts in brain injury claims to fight on your behalf.

When you are in some place and suddenly you get a head injury from either a falling object or other means, the wound inflicted may be severe enough that it can cause permanent trauma damage. That’s why the impacts of a brain injury are significant in everyone’s life, even those close to the victim, such as their families and friends.

Head and brain injuries may result from a no-fault road accident, medical negligence, personal injury or slip trips, and falls. Vintage Claims can make it easier to file a brain injury claim for yourself or your loved ones who unfortunately encountered the accident. It is a simple process, like filing other personal injury claims.

Our team will ensure you get the maximum compensation you are legally entitled to. We have helped many people regain their feet and acquire the best possible brain injury settlements. We can help you get what you rightfully deserve.

We made the process as streamlined as possible for filing a diffuse brain injury claim. You have to call or email us, and we will respond with an inquiry soon afterwards. Our firm works on a No-Win, No-Fee basis, meaning you will only pay if we win the compensation, taking a percentage based on the CFA legal cap.


Compensation Claim for Brain Injury

The human brain is an extraordinarily intricate organ that governs all bodily functions. It contains billions of nerve cells that work as a hive for all our memories, emotions, motor abilities, senses, and thoughts. When something goes wrong in the brain, it can have terrible consequences for the victim and their friends and family. Anything that affects or restricts how the brain operates is a brain injury.

Individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury might face psychological challenges, such as feelings of isolation and frustration due to their emotional state changes. Their family members or friends will have a hard time taking care of the mentally disabled person, even just for daily activities.

Due to any impairment as a direct result of a traumatic head injury, if they resume their jobs or try to work on daily tasks, it can prove difficult to complete them. It may prove to be a daunting task. These are just a few instances of the various circumstances that individuals and families have to experience following a brain injury.

Every human brain is different, as is the injury that comes with it. For each type of case, we recommend you talk with our professional solicitors, who have over a decade’s worth of collective experience in handling complicated situations related to traumatic brain injury. Problems can emerge in brain injury claims, as every claim needs to be handled with care to ensure that the injured party’s interests are satisfied.

Do you want to file a claim regarding the head injury? Get unbounded legal representation in the form of our claim solicitors to help you out with the traumatic brain accident claim. We can help you get the settlement you are looking for. Start your legal venture by claiming with us today.

Types of Brain and Head Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) happen because of any external blunt trauma or repeated damage to the head—brain damage, to be more precise. Accidents like work slips and falls, public or private head injuries, car accident trauma, or crimes can cause concussions and several brain injuries.

Any head injury caused by an object or force can result in a mild, severe, or serious type of traumatic injury. The factor is the resulting damage to the brain stem or other vital parts of the organ being damaged. It can severely impact an individual’s physical and mental capacities.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

The specific type of brain injury that develops either after birth or comes from anything apart from trauma or force is called acquired brain injury (ABI). It can include transmissive traumatic brain injuries and hypoxic/anoxic injury due to suffocation.

Cases can include neurological disorders, strokes, heart attacks, asthma, monoxide poisoning, or brain tumours that put pressure on the brain. Further pressure can result in subsequent complications such as oxygen deprivation, inflammation, intracranial hemorrhage, and aneurysms. There are other causes of ABI, too, like specific vitamin deficiencies.

Brain Injury Claim due to accidents

Accidents can cause severe head trauma and brain suffering, which can pretty much happen anywhere at any time. Even the slightest impact that can cause a serious head injury can be the result of something like hitting a wall.

Figures estimate that over 130,000 admissions are recorded to hospitals every year because of the ensuing accidents from various sources, accidents being prevalent and causing suspected brain injury. Most of those were caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness on the road, on public premises, or in the workplace. It can also result in rising slabs and obstacles placed along the pavement.

At Vintage Claims, we know how much impact a brain injury can have. We cover the full range of claims, even severe brain injuries that leave the injured person in a minimally conscious or persistent vegetative state.


Road Traffic Accidents

Despite massive improvements in vehicle and road safety, many people still suffer thousands of brain injuries due to accidents occurring on UK roads every year. Many occupants and drivers of motor vehicles, passengers, motorcyclists, and cyclists are frequently injured. Pedestrians who are walking alongside walkways are also vulnerable to being injured on the roads, with, sadly, many being hit by motor vehicles each day.

Even if seatbelts and helmets can limit the extent of a person’s injuries in some circumstances, there can be instances where failure to wear a seatbelt or a safety helmet does not mean an injured person cannot claim compensation for their injuries. Suppose you or your loved one has been injured in a road traffic accident due to negligence and would like to discuss your options. In that case, you are welcome to contact us anytime.


Accidents at Work

Workers and employees have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. Despite the extensive health and safety laws in the UK, individuals still sustain avoidable traumatic injuries at work, with some of the most prominent slip, trip and fall claims. Most of the time, workplace rules aren’t followed properly and may result in misconduct or negligence, resulting in suffering.

Employees working in ‘higher risk’ occupations tend to get injured massively in jobs such as manual labour or construction jobs from height. The most common place for brain head injuries is stress-inducing jobs involving heights, which can have a chance of having wounds in the case of faulty equipment. Most surprisingly, the majority of people also suffer brain injuries in work environments where there should be a very low risk of suffering, for example, in office, shop, or retail environments.

Vintage Claims is very experienced in acting for clients who have suffered brain injuries while at work. We represent the case of your claim with ample evidence and help you claim compensation accordingly. Give our representatives a call on the phone, and we will be happy to discuss your situation.

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Choosing the right Representation

That’s right, when you are claiming with Vintage Claims, we, as a team of expert solicitors, offer unrestricted and adaptable legal advice to prospective clients based on over a decade of experience

Confused about whether you need to make a claim at all or how to make one? Why not talk with us to confirm the validity of your claim? Our staff and solicitors will inform you of your legal rights at no cost and help you file a claim without any lengthy processes attached.


Brain Injury Claim in other situations

Accidents on public or private property

Sometimes, many individuals can suffer brain injuries that occur in public places or on private properties. Usually, Slips, Trips and falls are the most common causes of mild head and brain injuries. While these happenings may be deemed unfortunate accidents, there are occasions where the public authority responsible for the area or the private property owner or homeowner failed to maintain a safe environment and did not take proper precautions for the people there. Failing to ensure a safe environment for those present can result in liability compensation for the person suffering harm.


Sports-related injuries

Sport-related concussion is the recorded phrase for low-velocity injuries caused by objects used for sports. It can cause brain ‘shaking’, resulting in clinical symptoms usually related to a pathological injury. Any sport-related injury is caused by a direct blow to the head, face, neck, or elsewhere on the body with an “impulsive” force transmitted to the head. Sports injuries typically result in the rapid onset of short-lived impairments of neurological function that occur spontaneously, leading to short-lived brain trauma.

Head injuries are a relatively common occurrence in sports. Football, Cricket, Boxing, and even Hockey have all fairly recently come under scrutiny for their procedures in managing head injuries sustained during participation in sports. In the circumstances where the health and safety measures were not followed correctly, there was a solid basis for head and brain injury claims.

How Vintage Claims gets evidence for claim compensation

We support our client’s claim cases with ample evidence. The more reasonable and credible proof we have, the easier it gets to process your claim and get compensation as soon as possible. We intend to verify your no-fault stance through well-documented witness testimonies, brain injury accident reports, and photographic evidence of the wound.

Our team collects the needed proof to lay a solid foundation and validate the case circumstances. We and our solicitors work hard to get a high recompensation settlement for the financial impact brought on by the hypoxic and brain injury claims. Vintage Claims will fight against the at-fault healthcare or party (worker, individual, or management) responsible for the head trauma and have them compensate you for the injury you suffered along with incurred harm and wage loss.

We will start gathering evidence related to the following:

  • Statements from witnesses
  • Receipts for incurred fees
  • Brain Injury Accident reports
  • Medical details and records
  • Pictures and Video Footage
  • Accident Time and Location details
  • Independent Professional’s Assessment

Vintage Claims makes every effort to obtain the right settlement amount, even if it’s just the slightest help. Every piece of evidence will substantiate the argument of your rights and entitlements. Why not call us on the landline? We can represent you as soon as possible and help you fill out a compensation claim.

Vintage Claims takes your Claims

No more hassles

Did you get stuck in a pavement trip accident? No problem, as our Vintage Claim solicitors will ligate against the third party holding the authority over the public premise. We will help you get the claim efficiently.

CFA Basis

We provide a comprehensive set of guidelines, strategies, and legal representation to our clients. Our firm operates on a contingency basis, meaning we only charge our clients if we are successful in their cases.

Dedicated Specialist

At Vintage Claims, we show our commitment by prioritizing their requirements and claims. Our team is dedicated to offering personalized services to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Traumatic Brain Injury from medical negligence

Brain injury caused by the negligence of a medical professional can be a truly devastating event. It can have catastrophic consequences for the patient, including severe detrimental impacts on their quality of life that are sometimes permanent. Proving that the negligence of the healthcare worker resulting in traumatic brain injuries can lead to compensation claims for the expenses of medical care.

Making a brain injury claim can help you better manage the injury and help you pay for any assistive equipment and technology you may need. It can also cover the costs and additional living expenses you may have incurred because of medical treatment or your inability to work. Further amenity losses and travel expenses may also be compensated accordingly.

All medical errors or negligence may lead to injuries in several ways, including surgical mistakes or errors in anaesthesia administration that deprive the brain of oxygen. Misdiagnosis or delayed treatment for conditions like strokes or infections can also lead to brain injuries.

There’s a case for childbirth medical negligence, which can lead to a newborn suffering brain injuries. Brain injuries resulting from medical negligence can range from mild to severe, and sometimes even fatal, and can include a variety of types:

  • Hypoxic brain injury: Lack of oxygen can result in anaesthesia or delays in the treatment of illnesses such as cardiac arrest, resulting in hypoxic brain injury. It can also happen from carbon monoxide poisoning, leading to a loss of oxygen.
  • Trauma Head injury: TBI or trauma-induced injury, occurs in the case of failed surgical procedures or a slip, trip or fall on hospital premises.
  • Unidentified Brain Strokes: Any illness that fails to be identified can promptly result in a stroke, leading to extensive serious brain damage and inducing several disabilities in the process.

Can you claim a hypoxic brain injury?

The lack of oxygen supply can lead to a nervous breakdown of the brain, necessitating immediate action upon the appearance of symptoms. Taking immediate action after identification is critical because a brief interruption of oxygen to the brain can have enduring, long-lasting effects—even within just fifteen seconds. The first signs and symptoms may include coma-inducing loss of consciousness, speech impediments, disorientation, or facial sagging.

Parts of areas of the brain impacted by the oxygen shortage determine the symptoms and long-term consequences. If you have hypoxic brain damage, you can be left wondering if you can recover. Since every instance and case of cerebral hypoxia is different, predictions regarding recovery or prognosis are hard to make.

Individuals with severe hypoxic brain injuries usually cannot fully recover. In contrast, the majority of those with mild hypoxia head harm can either recover partially or over time. For more information, you can call our independent solicitors, who can conduct professional assessments on your behalf. We will get all the information you require for a no-obligation discussion and make the claim process as smooth as possible.

Why not contact Vintage Claims to check to see if you are eligible for a hypoxic head injury claim? We have taken cases on personal injury and head compensation claims. We recover the right settlement, so we don’t have to waste time on anything. Start your legal venture by calling us today.

Healthcare professional young doctor examining and  analyzing x-ray CT Scan test of human head results of the patients skull with his patient in a medical hospital clinic.

Vintage Claims Management Specialists

Traumatic brain injury compensation claims can be easy to process when you hire us. We have years of experience and expertise to help and guide you. Therefore, we are the top priority for many searching for reliable TBI and ABI solicitors.

For brain injury claims to be eligible, you must have proven the following:

  • The defendant owes a legal duty of care, which was breached.
  • You were at fault and received a brain injury.

If the conditions mentioned earlier are true in your case. You will become eligible for the compensation claim. In case you still have questions or doubts, you can call (075) 2069 3242 or reach us at our claim form right now.

Making a traumatic brain injury claim with Vintage Claims

Contacting our legal firm is the next most important step. Brain injuries in individuals often entail a variety of expenses, such as private therapy costs or loss of earnings if the individual is unable to work. By building a case early on and demonstrating that the at-fault party is responsible for the injury, it may be possible to receive a portion of the compensation upfront.

Early payments can help you in many ways, including accessing specialized treatment promptly and achieving the best possible recovery. However, it is important to meet specific criteria to file a claim. For example, there must be the person at fault who owed you a duty of care, and it is necessary to prove that the accident caused by their due negligence was the cause of the resulting brain injury.

We encourage you to contact our team of brain injury specialists and solicitors for a complete initial consultation without any legal charges. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen attentively. One of our experts will be pleased to evaluate your claim and provide guidance on how we can assist you and what steps you should take next.

Average traumatic brain injury compensation amounts

Part of body Severity of injury Amount of compensation Types of injuries
Head Minor £1,880.00 to £10,890.00 Covers head injuries that heal in a matter of weeks. Increased compensation in-case headaches are present.
Head Moderate £13,430.00 to £112,130.00 Symptoms include depression, attention problems, increased or decreased risk of epileptic episodes, mild personality changes, more severe intellectual impairment, or injuries or symptoms that put a state of unconsciousness.
Head Serious £186,890.00 £240,590.00 Involves shortened life expectancy, severe medical symptoms, significant alterations in personality or intellect, and extreme reliance on others owing to paralysis or other conditions.
Head Severe £240,590.00 to £344,640.00 Covers the following conditions: severe impairment, brain damage with little to no response, minimally conscious state (life expectancy less than 15 years), and states of unconsciousness requiring full-time nursing care.
Eye Severe £56,080.00to £229,260.00 Either severe vision impairment in one or both eyes, or complete blindness in one or both eyes.
Face Minor £1,460.00 to £7,460.00 There may be some facial scars, if there are no breaks, one or both front teeth lost or damaged, or minor nose or jaw fractures with a chance of full recovery.
Face Serious £15,320.00 to £26,010.00 More serious fractures, such as a broken nose or jaw, or several teeth shattered, damaged, or lost.
Face Severe £26,010.00 to £38,850.00 Severe wounds that left the victim with scars, many fractured jaws, persistent toothache, and facial disfigurement. May result in dietary limitations or an increased risk of arthritis in the joints.
Ear / hearing Minor Up to £5,980.00 Possible hearing loss caused by noise (NIHL), mild to moderate tinnitus on occasion.
Ear / hearing Moderate £12,700.00 to £25,350.00 Slight to severe tinnitus or partial hearing loss.
Ear / hearing Serious £25,350.00 to £38,850.00 Total deafness in one of the ears. Additional symptoms (e.g. dizziness, tinnitus, etc.) influence severity.
Ear / hearing Severe £77,430.00 to £120,040.00 Total loss of hearing in both ears. Greater compensation for childhood accidents that cause speech impairments as well.


  • How much compensation do you get for traumatic brain injury in the UK?

    The acquired brain injury claim compensation amount depends on the severity of the injury. If you get severe brain damage, you can get compensation between £240,000 and £345,000. On the other hand, mild brain injury settlements can range from £35,000 and £241,000. Minor brain injury compensation may range from £14,380 to £30,500.

    If you want the exact compensation amount for your claim. You can call (075) 2069 3242 or email However, you can contact us for free estimates at the contact us form.

  • How long does it take for a brain injury claim?

    The time frame for the brain injury claim compensation depends on the severity of the case. Usually, it can take up to 3 years as it may take years to understand the damages caused by injury. In case of such injury, you have to claim as soon as possible you become able to file a claim.

    Furthermore, you can contact Vintage Claims Management Group to speed up the process. Our solicitors are dealing with such cases regularly. Therefore, we know how to handle complex claims like traumatic brain injury compensation claims. We will bring what you deserve for you as soon as possible.


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