Traumatic Brain Injury Solicitor

Are you looking for a traumatic brain injury claim? Couldn’t find a reliable traumatic brain injury solicitor in the UK? Vintage Claims Management Group provides you with the best of our services. We have a team of certified brain injury compensation solicitors to help you. You can get our exceptional claim compensation services via a single call or email.

Having a head injury is a traumatic condition for anyone. It may result from a no-fault road accident, medical negligence, personal injury, slip trips, and falls. In such scenarios, you can claim against the faulty person’s insurance.

If you are willing to file a claim for having a brain injury. We are here to help you to get the maximum compensation. Our experts helped many, and they acquired brain injury compensation to the maximum. Therefore, we are confident in helping you. We can help you get what you rightfully deserve.

Filing brain injury claims can be a simple process like filing other personal injury claims. But there are many companies out there who make the process hectic. Also, there are many brain injury solicitors and claims management companies. Selecting the right one is a difficult task. Therefore, we made the process easy for filing a diffuse brain injury claim. You have to call or email us. We will be there to guide you and help you.

Once you hire our services, we will take care of the rest for you. You focus only on your health; we are there to cover the financial losses. Furthermore, we work on a Win, No Fee basis. It means you will only pay if you win the case.


Traumatic Brain Injury Compensation Claims

Traumatic brain injury compensation claims can be easy to process when you hire us. We have years of experience and expertise to help and guide you. Therefore, we are the top priority of many searching for reliable BIC solicitors.

Now, the question arises; am I eligible for traumatic brain injury compensation? For the eligibility of brain injury claims, you must have proven the following:

Defendant owes a legal duty of care, which was breached.
You were at no fault and received a brain injury.

If the conditions mentioned earlier are true in your case. You will become eligible for the compensation claim.

In case, you still have questions or doubts you can call (075) 2069 3242.



  • How much compensation do you get for traumatic brain injury in the UK?

    The acquired brain injury claim compensation amount depends on the severity of the injury. If you get severe brain damage, you can get compensation between £240,000 and £345,000. On the other hand, mild brain injury settlements can range from £35,000 and £241,000. Minor brain injury compensation may range from £14,380 to £30,500.

    If you want the exact compensation amount for your claim. You can call (075) 2069 3242 or email However, you can contact us for free estimates at the contact us form.

  • How long does it take for a brain injury claim?

    The time frame for the brain injury claim compensation depends on the severity of the case. Usually, it can take up to 3 years as it may take years to understand the damages caused by injury. In case of such injury, you have to claim as soon as possible you become able to file a claim.

    Furthermore, you can contact Vintage Claims Management Group to speed up the process. Our solicitors are dealing with such cases regularly. Therefore, we know how to handle complex claims like traumatic brain injury compensation claims. We will bring what you deserve for you as soon as possible.


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